CIN3 - biopsy results

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Firstly, I am new to all this to go easy with me! Ha!

So I went for my smear test in December 2014, and they came back with the results a week later which showed I had severe dyskaryosis.

I was asked to go to the Colposcopy clinci early Jan, at the appointment before the consultant started to look she told me what the results meant and explained that they would do a loop biopsy there and then. Got me to sign the paperwork etc. Except, when they were performing the colposcopy they couldn't see any abnormalities. So she said that they would do a punch biopsy to be sure, but she expected that the results would show a mis-match  between the smear results and the punch biopsy results and it would be taken to a colposcopy correlation meeting for discussion.

I felt confused but relieved that I didn't have to have the loop biopsy. When I was leaving I asked the nurse what were the likely outcomes (like I say it was all a bit much to take in!) and she said 1) There would no changes and I would return to normal smears (e.g. some sort of problem with the original smear) 2) There would be low grade abnormalities found and I would be asked for another smear in 6 months or 3) It would be high grade dyskaryosis as they thought.

I came away feeling at ease and relieved. However, I received my results last week and the punch biopsy has shown that I have CIN3 changes/severe dyskaryosis.

I need to go for a loop biopsy in Feb. Firstly, I am upset - sorry to all those who are going through it - but I came away from the first appointment thinking 'phew' I'm glad I didnt have to have the loop biopsy. I am scared about the effect it will have on my future ability to have children (I don't have any but I would like to in the future). 

But I think the main thing I am confused about is how are they going to remove the 'bad' cells if they can't see them? And if they can't see them does that mean that they are deeper or something?

This has turned out quite long, thanks for reading. Any advice greatly appreciated.


I’ve just been for a colposcopy this afternoon after receiving High grade dyskaryosis results. The doctors also told me that she couldn’t see any abnormalities but did a punch biopsy.

It is strange that if they can’t see anything that you could still have abnormalities.