CIN3 and stillbirth

I was recently diagnosed with CIN3, I have had the treatment and biopsy came back clear.

In January this year (2017) my 2nd son was stillborn at 41+6 weeks. I was wondering if having CIN3 could have caused this or be part of the cause. The cause of stillbirth is still being investigated but so far have found no cause. 

Also, as me and my partner would like more children I wanted to know if LLETZ treatment caused any problems in pregnancy or labour. I am scared enough about having another baby and want as much information as possible so when it comes to it I know what to be aware of and speak to GP/midwife about. 

I'm so so sorry for your loss :-( It's any mothers worse fear... I'm def no medical expert, but I don't think the CIN 3 would have had anything to do with it... Women with known cervical abnormalities have babies all the time. Being overdue does carry risk to the placenta. I went to 42 wks with my son and they very strongly recommended induction due to the risks... The lletz does carry a small risk of premature labour, but think with one lletz the risk is extremely low... I understand your fear. Could you discuss it with your doctor? 

hoping and praying you are blessed with another beautiful baby xx