Cin3 and positive cin3 biopsy (children mentioned)

Hi there

I started having issues for some months with heavy bleeding between periods, pain during and after sex (when I was with my boyfriend sometime ago) , cramping and wee problems. Gp did internal and said he could feel a “thickening” and sent me for a smear. It came back positive With CIN3 high grade dyskaryosis. 

Went in to have the scrape done but while there you could clearly see a mass. She stopped the procedure and asked to take biopsy instead. That came back positive but CIN3 CIS. They have invited me in to “discuss treatment options”

i understand this doesn't mean I have cancer but have a higher chance of it developing . Also with the other symptoms I am concerned. I have lost several family members to cancer and I am so fed up of the awful bleeding (sometimes 3/4 weeks) and pain part of me wonders if asking for a full hysterectomy would be best? 

I am 44 and have had my children. I can’t risk ever getting pregnant because I have a severely disabled son to care for plus I have other chronic health problems (arthritis / bowel issues etc) 

Would asking for a hysterectomy to be sure be too much? I don’t want to keep going back and forth having loop inductions as it takes weeks of organising specialised childcare for my son. I’d rather just be safe and get rid of the lot! 

If the biopsy comes back as still high grade CIN3 / CIS wouldn’t this be the better option than several loop inductions? Or is that overkill?


Hi Minnie,


sorry to hear that you are going through that, must be difficult with your son. Perhaps try and speak to the nurse who's care you are under, and if you're not happy, see someone else? I saw someone two years ago who I absolutely liked but then moved house and had to be under a different trust and the nurse I saw wasn't great so I requested to see someone else. I suppose what I;m saying is don't give up and make sure you are with someone with whom you can discuss all the options