CIN3 and HPV Normal smear a year ago

Hey I’m a 31 year old female , I had a normal Pap smear last year. I have a Pap smear done this year and it showed mild abnormal cells. They wanted to do a colospy which was done about four days later. The results showed CIN3 with yeast infection. I’ve had chronic yeast infections on and off for years but they assure me this is not the cause of the abnormalities. I’ve just read so many things that this is a slow process but I went from nothing wrong last year to a CIN3 one year later. I’m scheduled for a LEEP procedure next month and I’m terrified they will find something worst. I was planing to have kids this year and I’m really bummed that it may not be possible now.

Hello I'm the same as you have always had normal smears untill January this year when it showed severe abnormal cells then colscopy showed cin3 so confirmed smear I also panicked as it seemed so fast progress. I also have chronic yeast infections but I don't think that can cause cell changes. I had the lletz done Thursday gone and it wasn't so bad he told me I can still have children just a very small chance of early labour. The wait is the hardest your right. I'm currently awaiting results of lletz and it's driving me insane. I hope you are ok xx