CIN3 and CGIN removed twice now more abnormal cells.

Hi :)


I am new to this site and was wondering if anybody would be able to offer any help or advice on what I have been going through. I have spent some time looking at various internet sites and to be honest, just scaring myself. I was wondering if anybody here has had a similar experience.


At the age of 21 I had my first smear which came back with results of CIN 1. I was then referred to colposcopy. I have been backwards and forward to colposcopy for a few years, always with a result of CIN 1. My gynaecologist then retired and was replaced by somebody new. When I went for the check up this time last year, I am now 27; the new gynaecologist couldn’t understand why I hadn’t had these cells removed, as I have had them for far too long. They then said that I would have to have them removed this time. However after having the usual test, the results came back as CIN3. I had the lletz treatment to remove them. The results from this showed that I also had Glandular CIN and I was brought back to colposcopy for a second lletz. I was then told I would have to go for 6 monthly check ups for the next ten years.  I had my first check up since the second lletz at Christmas time and it came back clear. This time in June after my second check-up I received a letter to say that I had borderline changes. The letter also said they will be having a meeting on how to provide me with a new management plan.


I am now really confused to as to what will happen next. The letter told me to go on a couple of recommended websites but all I could see was that if somebody has had treatment a couple of times then a hysterectomy is usually advised. I don’t have any children and I don’t plan to have any soon. Does anybody know how many times you can have treatment before this has to happen?


And does anyone know what sort of management plan they would mean? I already have to go every six months for check-ups.


I have been worried sick as to what’s going to happen. There has also been a lot of cancer in my family and my grandma on the paternal side actually had cervical and breast cancer and passed away in her 40s. What bothers me most is that 6 months ago I was ok and now I have had changes again. The date of this meeting seems so far away and I’m worried in the time that I’m waiting the cells could be getting worse.


I would appreciate any advice then anyone is able to give… anyone else that I have spoken to has said that when they have had cells removed then haven’t come back again.. I’m wondering if this is normal to have them keep coming back.




hi lou85 your story sounds so much like mine apart from i have only had 1 op the cone my doctor said they removed more than normal amout i got a phone call last week to say i had cin3 n cgin high grade but because i have missed the july meeting were the docs get together to dicuss what will happen next i have to wait for the next meeting on 21st august they sent me a appointment out for sept 3rd that means nearly 7 weeks of worry not knowing what they will do or say and like you worry what if they turn to cc as this was my first smear at 37 so god knows how long i have had them it is very scary i do hope you get a good out come and very soon please let me know how you get on xxx