Cin3 and carcinoma in situ???

Hi all, I was just thinking back to my colposcopy last week and remember the doc told me I had cin3 and carcinoma in situ... does anyone know what carcinoma in situ actually is? I've done the google thing but can't find a proper answer so if anyone else has or has had this I would lovr to know what it means. Thanks


CIN 3 and carcinoma in situ arre the same thing. This is on Macmillan's website:

 "CIN 3 is also known as carcinoma-in-situ. Although this may sound like cancer, CIN 3 is not cervical cancer. Cancer has developed when the deeper layers of the cervix are affected by abnormal cells."

Hope this helps, take care x




thank you twilight, I don't know why they have to say cin3 with carcinoma in situ when they both mean the same thing, just makes it more confusing lol . x

Hi Racheypie,

I just wanted to give you the infomation i was given by my GP. When i had my smear results he expalined to me the different stages of CIN and told me that that carcinoma-in-situ is the next stage on from CIN 3. It is still not cancer because the cells haven't broken through the top layer but it is the stage before cancer. I think CIN 3 and Carcinoma-in-situ used to be classed as the same thing which causes confusion. I hope this helps you understand why you have been told you have both. The treatment you will have which i assume will be Lletz will remove both the CIN 3 and Carcinoma-in-situ. I had Lletz and it is honestly nothing to worry about.

Hope this helps xx

Hi simone thank you for the info, i had a loop cone biopsy last week and im assuming thats another way of saying i had lletz i just wish theyd pick one word for all these things and stick with it, it would make things a wwhole lot less confusing x

I know, it's all so confusing and the Dr's seem to thing you know what there talking about automatically. The loop cone biopsy is pretty much the same as Lletz but the just remove a bit more tissue. You should get the results about 4 weeks after you had the treatment and then a smear in 6 months Xx