cin3 after 2 leetz, appointment today

Hi all, not been on for a while, had my last leetz thingy in december they told me xmas eve that they got it all (been there before it came back :( ) appaarently they knew where to go this time as it was higher up my cervix than they thought....anyhow i was told they were meeting in january to discuss my case or something got my appointment through for this afternoon to discuss management and another colposcopy....

Been fine up until today as work is hectic, but now i have a day off and a few hours to kill im stressing.

Did want a hystorectomy (sorry spelt wrong) but im overweight and now stressing about that. so i had a flake lol.

pfft. kinda angry about the whole cin3 thing...i wish it was a actual person as i would like to slap its face with a white glove all duel like.

Should prob mention ive had cin3 twice now and both times they thought it was cancer already, they didnt get it all first time as it was higher up than they expected and they cut straight through it as i didnt have any clear margins....then it came back they went higher....didnt really mention margins and i didnt get a letter they phoned me, told me not to worry xmas eve there was no masses etc.. and i have to go to the hospital every three this appointment to discuss my management.  

bit peeved. probably my way of coping.  and to top it off i have a spot on my leg.    bloody awesome.

Hi, how did you're appointment go? Your post jumped out at me because I've had 2 lletz as well for cin 3 and I'm already nervous about my 6 month check. I haven't any advice really just to say I know how frustrating and worrying it is for it to come back.

hi sunnyday,

Well news werent great as i dont have clear margins, all i got was severe this and severe that lol

im being booked in for a total abdominal hysterectomy in 6 weeks, now im stressing about that!! I know the frustration, Fingers crossed for you in april that its all clear hun, x

Thanks I really hope so because I know there's only so many times they can do lletz. Sorry your news wasn't a bit better I don't blame you for stressing. You come across as a strong woman with a good attitude though, the good thing about here is that you'll get plenty of advice from women that have been there so you'll be well prepared going in. I think the only way i coped so far is that i knew from reading on here what to expect before each appointment. Good luck with the op x

I've also had 2 lletz procedures for CIN3, awaiting results from my second procedure now, almost 6 weeks after it was performed.  The wait for my results is driving me mad, and the longer it goes on, the more worried I am!You do sound very positive and strong, I wish I could say the same for myself! Good luck with the op, hope all goes as well as possible for you xx