cin3 advice

I hope I'm posting in the right place. I haven't been diagnosed with cancer, however after abit of advice, please.  After a high risk hpv result from my smear test, I had a colposcopy and results from the biopsy confirmed cin3 cells. I am due to have these all removed on the 26th and says I will then get my results within 6 weeks. I am confused as I assumed that after having the pre cancerous cells removed, I would be all clear and just need follow up smears. I've looked into CIN3 on the NHS site and it says this 



CIN 3 or CGIN cells indicate that all of the cells in the affected area of your cervix are abnormal. If this is the case, these cells will need to be removed.

In rare cases, a biopsy will show that some of the abnormal cells in your cervix have become cancerous. If this is the case, you will need to have further tests and your specialist will arrange any necessary treatment as soon as possible.


So, does this mean that after having these removed, and a biopsy done again, I could potentially discover that some are already cancerous. I do experience symptoms such as: bleeding after sex, bloating, pain during sex, heavy discharge daily. I am now really worried but trying to put on a brave face for everyone as I have a 5 month old son :(

Hi Kelly,

A biopsy only takes a very small piece of tissue from the affected area of your cervix. When you have the treatment all of the abnormal cells are removed

this means that sometimes on rare occasions when all of the tissue is sent away for testing cancerous cells can be found.

This doesn't happen very often because the Dr will always try to take the biopsy from the worst effected area.

Most of the time the results from the treatment are the same as the biopsy and sometimes that can be better.

Hope this helps. Xxx