CIN3 - Advice please!

Hi there, I’m new here and looking for some advice please.

I had my colposcopy on Friday and I was told I had CIN3. They couldn’t treat it there and then as there was too much of it. I was told that it extended further than my cervix into my vagina. Biopsies were taken and am awaiting both these results and a date for surgery to have it removed.

Is there any chance that it could actually be cancer? I’m so scared waiting for these results. The doctor didn’t explain what would happen during surgery either!

Any advice is appreciated



It's always really scary waiting for results.

I have precancerous cells in my vagina. Its called VaIN. Vaginal epithelial neoplasia. There is info about it on macmillan and cancer research sites. It is very similar to CIN but in the vagina. It is much rarer than CIN.

The short answer to your question is yes there could be cancer there but the chances of that are very, very small.

They will check the biopsies (did you have a vaginal biopsy too?) and this will inform them of the type of surgery you need.

Hang on in there, and I hope your results come quickly.