hi I just had a baby so had put off smear while pregnant. Had one done just before daughter was 3 months old so I know it was a little early. It's came bk with a referral to colposcopy clinic as I have ,,CIN2. Am in complete shock and can't believe it. Waiting on docs opening to phone for more info. It doesn't mention hpv , is it likely it would say this in the letter if I had it? My husband and I took std tests 5 years ago and all clear.

Hiya, sorry that you have been referred for a colposcopy. If you ring your doctors the receptionist may be of limited help to you. It wouldn't tell you in your letter if HPV was present, I know this cos I had an abnormal smear about 10 years ago and I had to go back for a repeat test 6 months later and it was only then that I was told the reason it was abnormal was due to the HPV. AS for having STD testing five years ago, there is a chance that you could have got HPV in the meantime. It doesn't necessarily mean that one of you has been unfaithful as it can lie dormant in your body for years and may have come from a previous partner. Basically there is no proper way of finding out where it came or from whom. As for the colposcopy appointment if you are nervous take a female family member or a close friend with you. Good luck!!!