It won't hurt they say, you'll be fine They said. Don't worry about it I've had this done and I'm fine. Mmm sorry but I woke up to sever pain after my lettz and I have such a high pain threshold I had homebirths it was so bad morfine was offered. So I have had my lettz under a general and now awaiting a letter. Whys my sides hurt, I've got headaches, I'm tired and I have a prolapse feeling. They signed me off 2 weeks. Work want me back in as I've had my procedure recon they expected me to bounce back. In fact everyone expects me to bounce back. 

Everyone is different! I've heard recovery stories from both ends of the spectrum, from "fine in ten days" to "hell for 4 weeks" (mine happens to be somewhere in the middle). It is really frustrating when it's not as easy for you as they said it will be. If your doctor is being that dismissive I suggest finding a new one (I know, easier said than done). If you are truly not feeling well enough to work, don't. Your health comes first. Make sure you tell your doctor about all of this and see if you can get a note, too. I hope things get better for you soon!

I feel the same. Everyone says oh that's nothing. It's very common. It won't hurt. It's over in a few seconds......... well why do I feel as if I've been run over by a bus. I had my lletz a week ago and I felt every bit of it. I thought it was awful and it took 30 mins not a few seconds... I have had terrible pain in my groin and down my leg but thankfully that has eased. Small bit of bleeding. Not too bad so far. I have a lot of pressure in pelvic area especially as the day goes on. I get bursts of energy here and there but then it's like hitting a wall with the tiredness. I've never felt tiredness like it. I just can't understand why people keep saying it's grand. I took a week off work and today first day back. I'm a wreck! Please tell me I'm.going to feel better soon. Lletz treatment is not easy. I,m not a baby about pain or hospitals but I found it traumatic.