I had my smear back in February had to go for a colposcopy which was fine, had the results back and it says CIN2 and I also got a letter for the appointment for LLETZ. Found out yesterday freaked out completely but feel calmer today :( probably won't day before the op!

I'm just wondering how everyone who's had this felt about going back to work... I'm a nanny with 2 jobs (one in the morning and one into the afternoon)

Both families are being quite difficult about how long I take off (hospital have said due to my work I need a few days to recover...) which I don't think I'm going to get! & they're also asking me to change my op date... which is in 2 weeks...

My other half is saying my health is more important for the hospital may sign me off?

If I was to go to work (as I'm too much of a pushover) would I be OK? 

From a fed up, worried Jo :(


Hi Jo,

Your LLETZ will be fine, the thought is worse than the reality in most cases but of course it is very individual.  I went back to work the following day after the LLETZ but I'm in an office role.  I wouldn't have thought you would need more than a couple of days off but you would need to avoid heavy lifting and major exertion for a while e.g. lifting children.

I am bemused that the families are causing you a bit of grief; I wonder what their reaction would be if it was one of their children who was going through this.......

Your other half is right; your health is far more important.  That said, if you were to postpone the procedure for a week or so it shouldn't be a massive problem but then the waiting gets longer which isn't fair on you.  Personally, I would be assertive and say that your procedure will take place on X date and you are anticipating no more than a couple of days off.  They will have to make alternative arrangements re childcare if necessary.  If it's due to work commitments, their employer has an obligation to help them out eg unpaid time off to care for dependents or to put care plans in place.

Hope this helps, take care xx

Hi Jojo,


I am going through exactly the same as you! I had my smear back in Feb, Colooscopy in March results last Friday Cin2 now booked  in for 18th May for LLETZ. To say that I am bricking to say the least. I haven't said anything to work as I feel abit embarrassed as I work in construction industry and the only female on site and decided to take a couple of days Holiday when I have the procedure done. 


I think they are being abit unreasonable and should be abit more understanding, Your health is 100% more important both physically and mentally!