CIN2 - Treatment tomorrow


I had my smear done a couple of months ago and got my results back within a couple of weeks. My results came back as HPV Positive so I was referred to the hospital for a colposcopy. I had my colposcopy appointment within a couple of weeks of getting the results.
I had three biopsies taken (which I didn't even feel!) and got told that I'd get my results within 4 weeks.
I got my results back a couple of weeks ago confirming CIN2 and an appointment date for discussion/treatement.

I dont think think any of this has sunk it as things have moved so quickly since my initial smear test to now (about 6 weeks).
I feel genuinely happy that the abnormalities were picked up sooner than later though.
It's been hard to comprehend how my initial results went from HPV +ive  to CIN2 and needing treatment.

Once the treatment is done, will I have another biopsy taken or just another smear test?
I'm not worried about the treatment but more for the side effects. I guess all the information has been a little overwhelming. Very glad to have come across this site though!