CIN2 to viral changes

Hello to all of you lovely people! I have been a lurker for a while but having had a follow up colposcopy I really need some advice!

I had my first smear in October 2015, with moderate changes and HPV positive.
Following this I was referred for a colposcopy which was carried out in November 2015, which showed I had CIN2 abnormal cells. I was asked to return in 4 months as I get married in July and wanted to have answers before this.

As a result, I returned to the colposcopy clinic today, and after taking two punch biopsies, I seen a nurse in a rushed meeting, who had written on a scrap of paper that I had no sign of CIN, just viral changes.
The nurse advised this may be the result of only One of the biopsies, and could not confirm that the CIN2 changes were no longer there, advising that they were awaiting the full written report on my biopsies which would take around a week, and then the senior consultant would review this and write to me confirming my current ‘status’.
This appointment has unfortunately left me very confused, and with more questions than answers!
Is it possible that the biopsy has been taken from a different area to that with the CIN2? The doctor who examined me and performed the colposcopy advised she could see high grade changes…

Any advice appreciated.

Thank you for reading xxxx