CIN2 to normal (no treatment) children mentioned


Just wanted to share my story with you as I know I found a lot of info on this forum realky useful last year- apologies if this turns out to b a really long post :)

In May 2012 smear /colposcopy - border cell changes.

August 2013 smear /colposcopy /punch biopsy - CIN2.

Was suggested that I have LLETZ treatment. Was very reluctant as I was aware of the complications that can occur if you later want children. The colposcopist nurse said that there were no risks even though I outlined my worries. I decided to try and clear the abnormal cells by coming g off the pill  (which can cause a depletion in folic acid and can contribute to cell changes). I also stopped smoking , drinking alcohol and tried to cut out dairy, processed sugar and caffeine from my diet and increase my natural folic acid intake. 

I'm not professing that this works for everyone but I am aware of TWO people for who this has worked (from CIN2 to clear within four months). The colposcopy clinic were extremely sceptical and asked me to cone back in January for another colposcopy.

Unfortunately I relapsed into smokibg $drinking /eating what I wanted over Christmas /January and on my next colposcopy in January the results still showed CIN2. 

I decided that this time I would do it properly and began consulting with a nutritionist and a homeopath. a week later I found out I was pregnant  (I had been pregnant at the last colposcopy but was unaware! )

I decided not to worry about the CIN2 diagnosis during the pregnancy  and was advised that I should have a smear 3 months after my baby was born. 

well I've now had my lovely little baby and went for the dreaded smear two weeks ago . I had heard and also read on here that pregnancy can help with dyskariosys.  I asked the smear nurse and she said that in her 10 years she'd never heard that pregnancy could clear abnormal cells.

Well my smear results came back and my cells are back to normal!

I wanted to post this just to let ppl know that alternative methods can work. Not to belittle anyone's decisions to have any kind of treatments- I just knew that LLETZ was not for ME and wanted to try something different  ( I hadn't planned on the something different being pregnancy but was a lovely suprise). 

As I said, I am posting this in the hope that someone may find it useful to their own situation and not to pass judgement on anyone else's decision to receive other treatments. 

Thanks and good luck to everyone 





Morning. It's so refreshing to see not such a sad and worried story on here! I've been racking my brains after my first smear result came back borderline abnormalities and evidence of hpv! I couldn't understand it was scared and worried drove myself insane on Google thinking I had cancer!! So monday i had my follow up colp and biopsy taken I was in such a state I dont know what I got back from it other than my cervix was slightly inflamed and mild changes im sure is what she said. Now the painful 4 week wait starts! I've been so unwell since my results made myself think things are happening to my body but they have only come on since the letter so these "pains" im sure are due to stress and anxiety! I mean it can't be such a coisedence that receiving my results that Thursday eve I now have syptoms leading to a horrible disease im trying my hardest to relax put it to the back of my mind etc! When I got result! I to googled good fooda for cervix etc? I haven't touched a cigarette my last one was reading that letter! I was only an occasional smoker anyway! I've started eating better drinking green tea taking multi vitamins  folic acid etc. I still have a good drink cause I ant go completely cold turkey My sanity will be awful but I have cut down. I'm so anxious for resuits so it's so hard. But lovely to hear your story and see that your body can heal itself naturally! Dependent on the outcome of mine will depend on what I choose to do. But hopefully with a healthier life style try not to stress eat well and lots of sleep I'll sort myself out! Congratulations on your little one!! That's amazing! And brilliant on the mormal smear I wish you all the best and thank your for posting your story Love and hugs carly!! xxxx

Hi Carly

sounds like you're making some positive changes with diet /smoking And supplements. would like to say try not to worry but kniw uts v difficult. do you have anyone you can speak to if youre getting anxious? Wish u the best of luck with your results and with the no smoking xxx


Congratulations on your new baby.

This sounds like an amazing result we all hope for. I do hope that it has done the trick for you. Are you now on 3 yearly smears again or do you have to have a couple of clear ones before returning to the normal regime?

The reason I am asking is that I went from borderline to clear within 6 months but 2 years later had CIN3. I do wonder if perhaps I was not clear at all at my intermediate smear and that perhaps they just swept a clear area rather than the bit where the nasties were growing. I am not knocking a healthy lifestyle at all, I have been vegetarian for over 20 years and have recently all but given up dairy. I exercise, rarely drink and have never smoked.

I don't want to be negative, this is a great result for you but just wanted to make the point that this does not work for everyone. Sorry feel like the grumpy old wotsit now...



Hi sputnik, i have my mum nan who I speak to who did go through similar things years back had treatment and are both ok now... So that reassures me however I still get really stressed over it all. It's the waiting that I feel is the hardest part ive made myself so I'll over it and spend the whole time thinking about it! I'm going to try not to this weekend... Thanks for your response Im keeping up the healthy diet/no smoking and vitamins in the hope my body can fight this feels like I have a little control over it that way so it helps. Take care I'll keep u posted perhaps we'll have another success healthier diet story :) xxxxx

Hi Suze soo

I am due another smear in 2016 to check on the result. I do hope yours comes back clear too in July and appreciate that this won't happen for everyone but believe that not smoking /taking the contraceptive pill can only do my body a lot of good :) I have read of other people who have also had their dyskariosys cleared through pregnancy  (as I said my smear nurse was very skeptical!) But i guess it's hard to look into this as everyones body is different and responds so differently to things. 

Good luck with everything x


I'm glad you have some people you can talk to. The waiting is horrible :( I guess keeping yourself busy with positive things, not to take your mind off it as I know it will always be niggling until you get ur results but just to keep you busy so that it's not the only thing you're thinking about. 

Let me know how it goes and take care xxx

Thanks Sputnik,

Really did not mean to come across as a grumpy old lady! All this has made me turn a little but cynical! Great result and glad you are getting checked again in a year. Even if my smear comes back clear in July I am dreading being put back on a 3 yearly. Feel like I don't trust my body so much any moreX x