Cin2 regressed naturally - no surgery

I am so angry at the way information is presented to women attending colposcopy. You are told you have precancerous cells you must treat or else they will eventually become cancer. Young women who haven’t finished their families are coerced into lletz treatment without being told the high rates of regression, particularly Cin2. When I decided to follow my own research and give my biopsy confirmed cin2 six months to regress, I was bullied coerced and harassed by doctors and nurses at the clinic. They told me I was stupid to trust what I read on the internet even though I only looked at medical research papers. 6 months later I was vindicated. Makes me so mad that women are not given all their options and are badly misinformed into an invasive and damaging procedure!!

Hello mickeymoo,

I second your opinion that women are misinformed, however on cervical screening as a whole. I have been trying to have some commonsense question answered when researching smear tests. Internet websites contain more or less the same information but I have read medical research and statistics. So I asked my inuisite question on this very website in the section Ask the Expert such as who is most at risk, over treatment rates, progression/regression of cin, quited statistics. They claim to provide high quality information, have a mark of quality information, and highlight it matters to them that women are informed. Instead of giving me answers they sent me information on how 50% of women do not know what the test is for, or how the best protection for a woman is getting a smear text because researchers coukd not tell who was most at risk. All in all they lectured me. Anyway, I contacted them several times pushing it and they only talked round it. In the end I challenged them with my research and the statistics and lol they never replied back. The only thing they did was refer me to a government website to get my answers on their helpline. So ridiculous. I do not engage with the screening at all as I opted out permanently after my research and contact with Jo's Cervical Trust. Underlying it is my experience with the Programme when I was virgin and was constantly harassed to screen or explain myself why I am a virgin. No one bothered giving me proper information. Shame on the Programme and the authorities. And finally,  I am as angry as you about the Programme, the way they treat us and the way we are kept ignorant.

Mikey moo and Marjusa, I couldn't agree more! 

Even CIN 3 has a 40% chance of regressing on it's own! 40% 

I had LLETZ 13 years ago and still constantly feel discomfort and tension in my cervix, not to mention that sex has never been the same. I feel like I was a sexual abuse victim. 

And now I've been researching how a doctor in the US is looking into how the LLETZ causes nerve damage to the nerves responsible for our orgasm. And yet there has been no anatomy done on the cervix ever, and so doctors cut pieces of it off, without even understanding they are cutting into vital nerves. 

I'm trying to campaign for change in all this. Many women treat CIN naturally. I made a facebook page called Intact Cervix, and I'm also on twitter. And I have a facebook group for Healing From LLETZ which a place for any woman with long term harm from the LLETZ procedure, or anyone who wants to support and campaign with us. 

Abnormal cells are not cancer, and yet women are being scaremongered into treatments. Fear supresses the immune system and can lead to all sorts of health issues, but this side effect of cervical screening is just dismissed with #nofeargosmear hashtags. 

I wrote up one of the women's stories for my blog, which highlights some of the many problems with the system.

Ps. If you want a common sense looking at cervical screening I really recomend The Patient Paradox, by Dr. Margaret McCartney 

Hi everyone, 

I know this post is a little old now but I’ve just been told following a biopsy I have CIN2/3. It’s refreshing to hear other women have also been alarmed but the lack of natural alternatives available to reversing this. I have decided to give it a few months and fix some of things which I think may have caused this (boosting immune system, better eating, reducing stress etc) and see how things go. I’m not convinced LLETZ is the right way to go, as they said it can cause pregnancy complications and I don’t have children yet, it seems really invasive! 

I could tell they didn’t agree with my choice when I spoke to the colposcopist earlier but I’ve been confirmed as not having cervical cancer so I’m going to give myself and my body some time to try fighting this! 


Thank you for reinforcing there are others who feel the same as me! X 


I just rang the gynaecologist secretary to challenge having treatment for CIN2, as I’ve read that it can reverse and I’d rather let my body fight it and she was so aggressive towards me! She said that once you have CIN 2 or CIN 3 your body won’t clear it so you HAVE to have treatment. Then she basically hung up on me...thankfully the actual gynaecologist rang me and said it is possible and I can wait 6 months if I want. People like her should not be working in this sector!


I was diagnosed with borderline CIN2 a year ago and when I finally managed to see my consultant 3 months later I told her I'd like to see if the abnormal cells would regress on their own. I took supplements, made sure I ate plenty of fruit and veg and was convinced my body as a whole was healhier and that the abnormal cells must have regressed. To my dismay the abnormal cells had got worse and actually spread. I'm now booked in for lletz under general anasthetic. To say I'm upset would be an understatement. I too read as much as I could and did my research, but sometimes things do not go the way you would like. 

Hey is90

I feel similarly to you and also haven't had kids yet. I've been diagnosed with CIN3 but feel like postponing the Lletz and working on my own immune system and reducing stress before considering invasive treatment is the way to go. Did you end up having lletz or not? Or are you still awaiting new colposcopy results? Would love to hear how you're doing!

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I agree with your decision Katkin. I think it’s best to wait and See rather than treat. I’m doing the wait and watch approach for cin 2 even though my doctors recommended otherwise. I figured give it 6 months to see if it heals on its own or regresses and if it doesn’t then I’ll treat it

Hey, how did you get on? I know this was a while ago is there any update? Looking to get some supportive feedback from people who have chosen to 'watch and wait' hope your well