CIN2 NOT treated during colposcopy

Hi Forum,

I hope you help! I've just come home from my Colposcopy appointment. My first smear found severe dyskariosis. So, the Colposcopy prewarned me to expect to be treated during the same app. So i booked a few days off work and prepared myself for the Lletz treatment today (as this is the treatment they explained to me). I went in today and firstly had a chat with the consultant. She explained the smear results a bit further and said she would be taking a number of punch biopsies for testing. I was sent in to a room for prep where I expected my partner to meet me as he had come along for support. During this time he had been told that he must wait in the waiting room. He was confused as he knew I wanted him with me. I asked where he was and the nurse said you're not having any treatment so he doesn't need to be here. So the consultant came in to the room and said so just to clear things up we will only perform the punch biopsies. I asked if this would be the case even if it would be apparent I needed treatment. She said that unfortunately she is not qualified to perform the lletz treatment and would therefore need to come back again in the new year after my results had returned. I have never had any problems with the speculum. I'm not sure why it hurt today but i burst in to tears with how sore it felt. Theere was one nurse on either side of me and despite their kind words they kept hold of my legs so I wouldn't move. At this point I thought surely they will go and fetch my boyfriend- but nothing. I calmed myself down and the biopsies and silver nitrate didn't cause any pain, just felt awkward and gave me a tummy ache. After the procedure stage consultant showed me a pic of my cervix with the white parts. She told me that I had CIN2 and was positive that I have HPV. Now, from what I've read on here and on NHS direct, and from what the same colposcopy unit told me last week i thought that anything aboVe CIN1 needed to be treated quickly. I came home feeling like I'd just come to the hospital on the wrong day and had been seen by a stand in! I phoned the unit back and explained my worry about waiting until the new year for treatment. She said they wanted to be sure of the cin2 so they don't over treat or under treat me. At the same time my friend went in today with very similar results- and she had treatment (LLETZ) there and then. so now I feel like IVe had no relief from my appointment and ive got another few months of worry! I had to take diazepam to get me to this appointment and after the way my legs were held apart, how my partner wasn't allowed in with me and the roughness of the consultant I just don't want to go back! I'm so upset- and wanted to know of anybody thinks this is normal? Abnormal?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time xx

Hi, my smear diagnosed CIN3 in March but at my colposcopy appt in May I only had biopsies to confirm that, not treatment. I then had my LLETZ in June x


Im so sorry to hear of your ordeal. It doesn't sound very much like it was done how it's supposed to be especially with you not beig allowed your partner in & certainly not them holding your legs! I'd speak to someone (maybe your GP) about what happened. I really would like to assure you that this isn't what most of us have experienced so please don't let it set you back if you have to go back. 

As for the waiting for treatment, as much as I can understand why you want it done there & then from what iv read in here a lot of clinics dont/can't offer treatment at the same time whereas other do like to treat there & then. I think it just depends on what they see, the doctor & the clinic procedures. 

The progression of CIN is very slow so your wait wot really have any impact on it progressing. 

I really do think you should speak to somebody about how you was treated & your concerns.

Big hugs


Hiya, thank you both for the reassurance with regards to waiting until Jan. I was quite surprised at the time because just a week before they had told me to expect treatment. The nurses weren't horrible at all. But I could tell they had been doing the procedure all day long and I was just the next one in the door. I didn't understand why my partner couldn't come in anyway because the procedure was quite scary even though the Lletz procedure wasn't carried out and we had both expressed our wish to be together. I didn't want to mention the speculum really on here because I wouldn't want to frighten anybody especially as it hasn't been my experience in the past at all. But it really did hurt I felt like she was pushing it up against all the other areas down there. At that point the tears came out and I expected my boyfriend to have been called I really did. The nurses either side kept their hands on either leg the whole way through when they put the silver nitrate on it felt really strange and I went to grab the nurses hand. It wasn't offered to me and I really would have preferred it to have been my boyfriend standing there. I told my parents what happen and they agree I should perhaps write a complaint but I'm not usually seen to kick up a fuss but the whole thing really has frightened me. Now the thought of the Lletz, even though I've experienced something like whst it might be like, is twice as scary because of the way it was all carried out. 

i feel very emotional! Anyway rant over! Thank you very much for listening xx

Iv never had an issue with internal examinations & was perfectly fine during my smear but I did walk out of colposcopy quite emotional for a few days despite my experience being a good one. I had a lovely doctor, lovely nurses & was very comfortable throughout. I think just the whole experience as a package can test the emotions. 

Maybe ring your GP & discuss what happened & how it made you feel. 

Or you could express your worries when the appointment for a follow up comes, just so they are aware before you walk through the door if that makes sense. 


Hi there

so sorry about your experience....I don't think u would be kicking up a fuss if you expressed your feelings about what happened. I do agree that your partner should have been allowed the end of the day the biopsies are every bit as indignified and scary as any other treatment...I don't understand that at all and I would have felt exactly the same! 

If it does help at all I could only have biopsies at my colposcopy and I shook like a leaf and cried throughout...I had my mum with me! She would have walked in there by herself I reckon if she hadn't been invited! I left my other half at home with our baby girl, I think he would have found it hard to deal with. But it is quite normal to have separate treatments so try not to worry. they can't have been too worried if they didn't offer it there and then and they will whip you back in pronto if it's CIN 3 (my consultant says no more than 6 weeks minimum after biopsies for lletz) but even then it's to be cautious.

i hope you are feeling better and you make sure you tell them how you were not treated right and you are very much entitled to feel the way you do.

Much love and hugs xx