cin2 need help

hi, ill start with previous problems. Iv had one missed miscarriage after having swine flu 2 years ago, then cervix infection. then two standard miscarriages at 5 weeks. then went on to have a ectopic which they believed to be on my cervix as they cudnt find it on scans. so they treated me with methotrexate which i am fully aware reduces all folic acid which your body does require, but had no choice, this was last may. since all this i have lead a very healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet and quit smoking. amongst all this i have lost all interest in sex and hasnt helped my marriage even tho my husband is very understanding. also i may add i have chronic fatigue syndrome and low bile salt malabsorption. i delayed my smear due to pregs so was a year late. but this came back as minor changes and that i had to go in for a colosocopy. i went in and first she said she cudnt see anything i was soooooo happy, then the next minute, shes said theres something small and took biopsies with no signed consent. but after she said very unlikly to be anything and that shud go back to yearly smears, so i went through xmas much happier. then i get back from holiday and theres the lovely letter through the door that says, the biopsies suggest cin2. i was shocked and that they recommended doing llezt. my concern now is, is it cancer, is it cin3 as nothings been confirmed, i also want nothing done that are going to affect my chances of having kids. is this my only option? i need help as this is driving me insane and making me ill please if anyone could take the time to help me as i really dont know wot to do other than cry.


didnt want to read and run. You sound like you've been through a terrible ordeal! If I were you I'd request a meeting with your consultant and discuss all options As it sounds like you've had a complicated time. Hope everything goes well for you xx


It sounds like you have endured a lot of trauma with your health, it must have been very hard for you. And i know this latest development won’t help and cam understand how worried you must be feeling.

However, please try not to worry. It isn’t cancer, it just means you have cells that could lead to cancer if left untreated. I had the same concerns, at my colp all seemed fie.e but then they took a biopsy…and now I’m waiting for the result. The lletz is a simple procedure that will remove these cells. For the majority of women, the cells won’t return and everything is fine. It shouldn’t affect your fertility at all, but of course, if you are very worried you should speak to your doctor.

I and every woman who ends up posting here share and understand your fear. But your colp didn’t show any sign of cc and it is something that can be easily fixed.

These forums have been such a source of support toe and I hope they will help you too. Take care - and please try not to worry! X x

many thanks for the responses. my concern is at first they said minor, and then the misleading info that everything looked ok. But what is worring me is the wording of the letter which is ( your biopsies suggest cin2) does that mean it is, or isnt, or is it cin3 or is it cancer or will they not know until they have done the llezt. i just need answers, i cant deal with this guess work.

I had a mix of CIN 1+2 from what they could see, and on my last biopsy that I had the results for yesterday show that mine had gone away now with no treatment....however I ended up with cold coagulation due to my cervix rupturing which it does normally. I strongly advise that to relieve your anxiety you speak to your consultant though, they should understand your concern x