Cin2 HPV & Lletz

Hi all looking to see if anyone has been in a similar situation. I've always been bothered with heavy monthlys been diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 17 but was fortunate to have 3 beautiful children. Through the years to help control my heavy bleeding I have tried the pill, implant (twice) countless tablets as well as the marina coil. I got sterilised at the age of 26 and lastly I had micro abliation of the womb in June 2016. This seemed to make things 100 times worse, previous to that I was expecting pain and bleeding after sex (for around four years although smear test in 2010 only showed minor changes so had repeat smear test every 6 months and got the all clear after having two of them. In the last year I have bled every month for 22 days at a time with heavy clots and discharge inbetween the days I don't bleed. At 32 I've stopped being sexually active for over a year now as it was just too painful. My GP done an early smear test in February this year and results showed changes that needed further investigation. 2_3 weeks later I was off to colposcopy clinic I ended up getting a biopsy which showed CIN2 with high risk HPV. My gynae agrees to hysterectomy which has now been cancelled due to having 2 MRI scans (not gynae related so OP has been postponed for now). 30/8/17 I had LLETZ treatment and waiting on results. No bleeding as of yet just a horrible discharge. My pelvic bone feels as if it's going to snap when I do bleed I can hear what sounds as if it's clicking and crunching and I'm completely drained. Has anyone been in a similar situation? We're you ok? Feel as if dealing with this all on my own and don't know what to do...




You sound so distressed you poor thing. First thing I would do in your situation is write down all the things that are worrying you and then translate them into questions. Call you Dr's and ask to speak to someone who can answer all of your questions so you are better informed on what is best for you as a way forward. I am not sure if a hysterectomy has been requested as a result of the bleeding or the CIN2. But I think you need to understand that first. Also having read many posts on here, CIN2 is treatable with LETZ. There is also a helpline for Jo's trust. Give them a call and you will be speaking to people who can help you with your worries.  0800802800. It's at the top of the page. I think if you could clear up the bleeding, you would prob not worry as much. Wishing you all the best x