CIN2 HPV LETTZ - now what help

I know I sound ridiculous but I really need some help... 

In the space of a couple of months I've had smear, colposcopy, biopsy and LETTZ treatement. I really want to know whether I can still have sex with my partner? 

Will the LETTZ have removed the HPV or not? In which case, if it has, will having sex again with the person just make it come back and I will be back to square one? 

This sounds so silly but I don't see how I can have sex again knowing that it will just happen again ? 


Hi Kay 35

hope you are ok. You are not being silly at all, I am in exactly the same situation and wondering the same thing. I had my LETTZ last week and awaiting results. So scary. I have had HPV for three years. So frustrating.


Hi x

i find myself in exactly the same position as you. My new partner gave me HPV last year, he had no idea he had it. I have a lettz booked for next week and what happens afterwards? Will he re infect me.? Will I still have the virus in me ? I can't find the answers anywhere and as men aren't tested we don't even know if he still has it ☹️ I hope all is ok with you now xx

Hi x 

I feel exactly the same as you, my new partner gave me HPV, he didn't know he had it and now I'm worried if I have sex / be intimate again I will get HPV again. No one can tell me if I will catch it again from him and he can't be tested so it's Russian roulette. I feel so sick to think I'm never going to be rid of this cancer causing virus ! While it's still in me will it cause cell changes again ? Will I just keep having to have bits cut away ? 


I feel the same ! 

I'm worried I will get HPV again and have to go through lettz treatment again and I really don't want this as found it very uncomfortable 

But they say you have a smear test 6months after your procedure and that it should be clear and you should have a regular smear test after this 

Having the removal of the cells can reduce from Having HPV but can't stop it 

I have struggled with the after math of having this done because I  think I will get HPV again , im worried the cell changes will change again and I will have to go through lettz again 

And it had put me off having sex due to the procedure 


I am asking myself the same question as you . Is there a vaccine? Am 37