Cin2 found, survaliance for 6 months

Hi guys after my punch biopsys in September it came back as cin2. Was back at colposcopy today for discussion on watching it or having another loop biopsy. We decided to watch it until March in the hope it returns back to normal. Has anybody else had this? The first time I had abnormal smear and they left it 6 months it turned to server. Have I made the wrong decision on waiting. I had a loop biopsy in 2009, any advice please x


Sorry I can't offer any advice but I am in a similar situation and am curious to know whst others have found from theur own experiences.

I had colposcop/biopsy results from August back in September as CIN2 too and was advised to have LLETZ treatment. 

Have opted to leave treatment for 6 months to see if it gets any better. To try and help body recover a bit havce given up smoking,  drinking alcohol, dairy. Processed sugar . caffeine.  All the good stuffs basically! Trying to supplement with zinc.folic acid. Green tea,  healthier lifestyle.  If it has not got better in the new year will reconsider treatment.

Would welcome any advice ir shared experiences in response to Paulines message.

Thanks in advance



I have CIN3 and I will be returning after 6 months (Jan) I think its just so they can make sure all the bad cells are gone! Hopefully ill remember to post after my hospital visit next month x


Thanks for the reply hun, they didn't do the loop on the 2nd. They aid they wanted to leve it until March and see if there where any changes, so gotta have a smear in March then wait six weeks for results and then to do a loop. Not sure I made the best choice to wait x

Katak, I too recently found out I have CIN2 and was gven two options to wait 6 months or have a Lletz booked in for 3 months time. I want to wait but my fear that my first ever biopsy after my first ever pap smear this year (and first time this year having sex ever) came back already at CIN2 is a concern for me that is making me consider getting the provedure done. 

Hi lightsun. Thanks for sharing.  Sorry to hear its only ur first smear but guess it shows that its good to get checked. I have heard of other ppl making similar decisions as me and waiting/ changing thrir lifestyle  to see if it clears up naturally. Although these things aren't necessarily causes, things like smoking stop ur immune system working full blast so im going to see what effect it has! Strangely, I wasnt offered option of waiting by the professional s but instead had to explain to them why I wanted to wait! Good to hear they do give ppl the option. Appreciate 6 months can b a long wait but my gyn advised me to get another smear at 6 months so they too must have thought 6 months an ok amount of time to wait if that helps at all :-)