CIN2 found now meeting to discus.

Hi All, 

I have been reading this forum since I had the results back from my first smear in January. I was nervous for my initial smear but once I had the appointment I came out feeling so positive I didn’t really think about getting any bad results back, just under two weeks after my appointment I had the letter from the doctors and also a hospital appointment letter. My smear had come back boarderline with high risk HPV, I was gobsmacked, I didn’t feel like the letter and I go booklet really gave much information, in fact it probably scared me more. The colposcopy appointment wasn’t for another month, I managed to get an appointment within two weeks which I was so grateful for (less worry time). Again I was nervous about this appointment, more so nervous as to what they would find as the nurse who did my smear said everything looked okay. The nurses were really good and talked me through everything, this was a little more uncomfortable and they did struggle getting to my cervix this time round which was more painful than the first time, I had to have two biopsies taken, this to be honest was no pleasant, it wasnt painful, I would describe it as a tugging feeling, but it did make me feel really sick. Again the nurse said it’s probably just the HPV or CIN1.


I have now received my results from the biopsies and it is confirmed as CIN2, a MDT meeting was arranged for them to discuss and I have had the outcome letter this morning, I have an appointment on 26th March, the letter I got said it would be to discuss treatment but mentioned LLETZ or leaving it and being monitored closely. Has anyone else had this? I’m thinking I’d rather just have the LLETZ and get rid rather than worrying about it for  another few months, what if it got worse?

I never imagined my first smear at 25 would show changes like this, and im forever grateful that we have the NHS we do have.

sorry for the rambling!!

Hello Jane, 

I've had a similar experience, when i was 25 I had my first smear like you just thought nothing of it and everything would come back fine. When I got the letter I had hpv infection and borderline changes. I had to go for a colposcopy and had biopsies taken wich came back as CIN 1. I was closely monitored as CIN 1 can go back to normal on it's own without treatment. My following colposcopy was then fine amd my follow up smear was back to normal. I then had my 12 month smear in November 2017 and it had came back hpv infection and low grade changes. The nurse then said because it's came back I have 2 options, 1 I can leave it and be monitored closely and hopefully it'll clear by itself or 2 have lletz treatment to get rid. I opted for the treatment as I've been dealing with this stress for about 4 years in total (nearly 28)

I had my llettz on Wednesday and I am waiting on the results but I do worry it'll be a reoccurring thing as it cleared then came back again.

At first I was devastated as there's not enough information around but now I'm sure it's all for prevention and we have a great health service. 

If there's anything you'd like to talk about feel free.


Hi Natalie,


Thankyou for your response, i hope your LLETZ went well on Wednesday? The letter I received from the hospital said I needed to go in to discuss further treatment and it did mention the LLETZ or to leave and have regular check ups, I think personally I would rather have it removed as soon as possible.

With your LLETZ did you have it under LA or GA? I’ve read a lot of posts on here and it seems people have had it done both ways so I’m unsure on the deciding factor for that one. I’m just a little concerned of the time I would need to take off work as it doesn’t say on the letter whether they will do the procedure on the 26th or if that is just to go in and chat.




january 2017 my smear was high grade dyskariosis colposcopy and punch biopsy came back CIN1 for smear 1 year, January 2018 smear borderline changes high risk HPV back to colposcopy punch biopsies CIN2 advised it could be discussed at mdt or I could have lletz which I have opted for Lletz treatment to be carried out 29th March I’m terrified!


hope all goes ok for you 


My appointment is tomorrow so will keenall updated on what’s happening, I’m hoping they offer lletz, as scary as it sounds I would rather bite the bullet and have the procedure, than have to wait 6 or so months for another smear worrying! (I worry about everything).

I hope your appointment goes well on the 29th! X