Cin2 cgin lletz- consultant talking about hysterectomy

I had lletz on Monday.ive cin2 and high grade cgin.  Consultant said results in 6-8 weeks of cin 2 but he said real results for cgin will be 6 months time from repeat smear....he said if cgin is still there we would have conversation about preventative hysterectomy...ive only started on this journey in past 3 weeks so im shocked at what has been happening..... has anyone gone back for repeat smear after lletz and not needed further treatment? Thank you for any driving myself bit mad googling.. 

Hi I have cin 3 an high grade gcin so in oct I had nettz procedure done got results in Dec didn get clear margins so bk in again last week for another nettz procedure so hoping these will come back clear why are they only doing one procedure on you ? I have finished my family I'm only 32 but my doc said he would try one more nettz wen we spoke in Dec cause I am so young but if not clear after this he would recommend getting womb out hopefully the results will be good I hope you get good result at ure 6 month x

Hi, you could ask for another LLETZ treatment before a hysterectomy. That should really only be a last resort.

I didn’t get clear margins after my first for cGIN, so I had another LLETZ 6/7 weeks later and got clear margins.

My 6 month check was clear. My 18 month check was clear. I am back on 3 yearly recall.

There was talk of a hysterectomy but he didn’t really want to do it because of my age (I was 32 at the time) so he said we would get the results before we thought about it further.

So try and stay positive, cGIN doesn’t always end in a hysterectomy xx

Thanks so much for your replies.i asked him in context of what is next stage after lettz and he said "cgin is the type of situation  that do u want to be here in 5 yrs saying to me why didnt you get it all 5 yrs ago  and then be in worse position we will talk after the 6month high smear and see". He didn't really mention doing another lletz... i find this whole situation so complicated... he explained how cgin could be in a good that they may not see/ get out at lletz... it's so worrying...

Make sure u have ure questions ready I'm in Ireland an I high grade gcin iv had 2 nettz treatments waiting on results from second one an my consultant sending me now for pelvic ultrasound to make sure hasn gone any further up even if i get clear margins from this but hopefully u won't have to be having that chat an ure next smear is clear

 Ah cheers. I am too... actually he didn't mention ultrasound either....he said the smear would be taken with brush higher up.. I'll make note of that and ask will I be getting one of those down the line too depending on lletz. Thanks for that

Apparently it's procedure if u have history of gcin it's maybe because I didn get clear margins first time i started to panic wen I received letter about it hopefully u will get clear margins wen are u due bk x

They said 6-8 weeks for lletz resukts then he said 6 months for smear with him but it wasn't clear whether it's an appointment with him or a phonecall with lletz results.... I'll have to wait and see.... I'm thinking ill write out all my questions so that if it's a phonecall ill be ready....

I got letter about 5 weeks after my last one to go bk in to discuss results dat was prob cause I needed another nettz procedure cause didn have clear margins I was told after last procedure dat if clear margins I will just received a letter saying bk in 6 months for smear an if not clear it will be a letter to go in an discuss results the waiting is d hard part try keep busy yea best to have them all written down either way can ask over fone or bring them with u if u have to go bk in x