CIN2 but nothing at colposcopy?

Hello lovely ladies.

Since receiving my letter a couple of weeks ago inviting me to a colposcopy, I have spent hours reading posts on this page. What an amazing support it has been, so Thankyou.

My smear in 2021 was HPV+ but no cell changes. Annual repeat smear. With moving house and a new business, and needing to move GP, I missed 2022. Smear July 23 HR HPV+ and moderate dyskaryosis.

Today I went for my colposcopy, armed with all of the information about what would happen and what I’d need to have done. However, the colposcopist, in a surprised voice, said that she was struggling to find any abnormal looking areas.

She gave me a choice - take biopsies or continue with Lletz as planned. What a decision to make whilst your legs are up in the air! This is one situation I hadn’t seen before in the forums. I’ve had back and pelvic pain for a while now, and also what I consider to be an odour to discharge. Knowing this, having HR HPV, and the smear supposedly being moderate changes not borderline, I decided to continue with Lletz.

My question - has anyone else had this? Could it be that the issue is higher up than she was looking? It’s only been 4 weeks between smear and colposcopy so I can’t imagine the moderate cells have disappeared in that time.

I’m very confused, and hoping that I made the right decision.

Thankyou for taking the time to read xx

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Hi sj84
Hope you’re okie sorry you’re having to go through this. I’m not sure how similar mine is but I’m interested in others stories and out comes too. I think you made the right decision with lletz atleast you won’t think what if.

I had my smear last year hpv positive and abnormal cells endocervical glandular neoplasia. I had an endometrial biopsy at colposcopy nothing seen on cervix, biopsy found nothing. they sent me back to 3 year smear recall.
This year I was told to come back in I had a smear and again colposcopy nothing seen but lletz done just incase as I had ectropion and some signs of cgin but the lletz biopsy have come back high risk hpv positive but nothing abnormal cell wise. So now I’m in limbo waiting on mdt meeting to decide what they’re going to do next. Thinking have I been lucky and fought it off or is it higher/ smear missed it. But I’m guessing ill just be asked to come back in 6 or 12 months for a smear.

I think the cells the smear picks up determines where the abnormal is as they looks different inside cervix compare to outside. But I can completely understand your worry. Atleast with having the lletz you’ll have had a bigger area removed for them to check biopsy wise x

Hi Hanandlee

Thankyou for replying.

Bless you… it’s constantly there in our minds as a worry isn’t it. I’m glad that in the end you only had to wait for 1 year as opposed to 3, and hopefully the results will bring you some comfort.

Yes, that was one of the reasons I opted to just continue for Lletz. I thought that at least it will be more tissue to test than the biopsy would provide. Results in 2 weeks so I’ll post an update once I have them.

The other thing I will say for anyone reading (like I was), is the procedure itself was absolutely fine. I was expecting pain, and I didn’t get it. The normal level of uncomfortable as you get with a smear… but the nurses did an amazing job at asking me a million questions (I knew they were trying to distract me), and apart from a bit of pressure I didn’t feel a thing!

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