Cin2 biopsy

Hi, my story started in2011. I had cin 1 smear and clear colposcopy. Next smear was Cin2 and had leep done. Just had smear (20/3) that was clear but colposcopy showed abnormal cells that the nurse said wouldn't show on my smear test. Biopsy shows cin2, koilycites, hpv changes. I've got hpv16.  I'm a bit worried that I have cin2 and this wouldn't show on smear test. What does that mean ? Also reading everything do you think it's likely thewi will want to do cone biopsy ?? Waiting to hear direct from hospital. Got my results from work (gp receptionist). Replies greatfully received   X

I had loop done in Sep 12 for cin 1, 6 months later my biiopsy has shown cin2. I am high risk hpv and age 46.  will they do another loop ? The cells are outside the transformation zone.  Any information would be great. Starting to get really anxious :-(