Cin2 biopsy results

Hi I have never been on anything like this before. I received a letter on Friday saying I have Cin2 and need treatment. Should I be worried? Why do I have to wait 6 months for an appointment for treatment? 

They are waiting to see if your cells change on there own, I presume :) treatment will be lletz if they hahe to remove the cells and they are normally removed without Any further treatment :) good luck and don't worry x

Thanks for the reply, so if they are seeing if the cells change on their own will I have a normal smear again first in 6 months then wait for the results then have treatment if it's not changed? Can it not change from Cin2 to cin3 over these 6 months? Sorry I don't really understand and the letter didn't explain anything. I'm not too worried with it saying 6 months I thought well they can't be worried but you hear of all the horror stories 

They will give you a colposcopy on your appointment, and they will put a dye on your cervix to see if they have returned to normal or need treaTment these cells take years to turn to anything bad, your in the system if you feel confused ring your gp and they should explain all questions you have. And many people here will help too. Don't google things either as it just a scare thing. They are keeping an eye on you so your in good hands :) xx

I feel better already. Thank you for you're help and advice and good luck with everything :)

Not a problem and don't worry :) thank you x