CIN2 and pre-cancerous changes in 65 year old


I hope there's someone else around my age out there who can help me since I know that cervical smears cease at around the age of 60.

Because I've had abnormal smears for several years I had to have a colposcopy in June and December last year (2013) and almost 4 weeks ago underwent LLETZ (loop excision).  I had the results back today which show I have "pre-cancerous changes (CIN2) with nothing more serious" - this is quoted from the Consultant Gynaecologist's letter.  As a result I have to have a smear in 6 months' time at my GP's surgery.

You might say that this is all pretty normal but the fact is that this smear will probably be my last, given my age.  We all know that 'pre-cancerous' can, in time, become cancerous and what concerns me is the fact that my next smear could be my last and that the pre-cancerous cells may then become cancerous. 

Is there anyone of a similar age to me who’s experienced this?  Or maybe there’s someone reading this who can advise me on what will happen next?


I'm not in your age bracket, but I hope someone will comment who has been through this.   If the next test still shows changes i doubt they would stop your smears.  If you have concerns do insist that they listen and address your worries.  I've found the hospital to be more accomodating than the GP, so contact the colposcopy dept directly if you have any issues with the GP. And getting smears done privately is around £100 if you are still concerned at a later date.

Best wishes xx