CIN2 and IVF

Hey, Is their anybody on here who knows about ivf,colposcopys,and leep procedures?? I have CIN2 AND undergoing IVF,, How ever ivf doctors say it's not safe to do 6 month colposcopy whilst pregnant( as I'm doing alternative treatment ),, hospital colposcopy nurses and DRS say it is safe,, I would like to do alternative treatment until I give birth then proceed with the leep procedure afterwards,IVF DRS also say if I have a leep procedure they still can't continue IVF. HELP!! I am 24 years old,,low egg count ( Thats why i need IVF),, with CIN2 IVF DRS are meeting tomorrow about me. My chances are looking slim and would appreciate any feedback thanks xo

Hi there, what a horrible situation to be in!!  I have no idea why they wouldn't do IVF after a Lletz.  They do recommend that you wait a few months before getting preganantso that the cervix can heal - but for them to say they just can't do it is odd.  I have had my entire cervix removed and I am undergoing IVF at the moment!

Have they said they can't do it at all or that you will need to delay a little??

Out of interest, what alternative treatment are you having?  A colposcopy involves simply looking at the cervix so I don't see why that would be unsafe in pregnacny unless they do any treatment.  So sorry you find yourself in this situation xx


i really hope that you all got your BFP after Lletz. 

Would really love to know how you got on with your ivf journeys after Lletz. Any info would be so appreciated. 

Im infertile after 3 ectopic pregnancy, rupturing both my Fallopian tubes. (I now have no tubes) 

We had been trying for 7 years. 

I’m 32 years old and I have a daughter from a previous relationship so we have to go private for our IVF treatment. Since losing my last tube 2 years ago we have been saving tirelessly for our IVF round. 

(We can only afford one round) 

Weeks away from having our funds and im diagnosed with CIN 2. 

I had Lletz 5 days ago. He took 10mm away (which I thought was a lot) as the cervix only measures 2-3cms long. 

I’m so upset it’s delayed my IVF and I’m so upset that the Lletz could now affect my fertility treatment.

I’m wondering how long you waited after treatment to start your IVF.

Ive heard stories of miscarriage when ivf has started too soon after Lletz. 

And also the option of a stitch put in the cervix to prevent premature labour. 

Any information would be so greatly appreciated. 

Thank you 

Daniella xxx