CIN2 and HPV

Hi everyone,


I am a little confused with the relationship between CIN2 and HPV.  In 2012 when i was 24 I had my first pap smear which was all fine, I then went for some checks to do with endometriosis (which i now know i dont have) and the results came back with low grade abnormalities (not sure what the HPV result was).  I then went back 6 months later and the results were now possible high grade abnormalities, again i cant remember the HPV results.  I was then referred to a gynecologist and he did a colposcopy but the abnormal cells were too hard to see so they said that as the results were possible high grade they should do the LLETZ procedure, which i then had done in Feb 2013.  The results came back as CIN2 but negative to HPV. 


Went back 6 months later and everything was all clear but still just come inflammation and negative to HPV, 6 months later in January 2014 I went back for another Pap and colposcopy and everty thing was all negative and fine.  I have just been for my check up a year later. jan 2015, to a new doctor as i have moved countries and she seemed very surprised that I had CIN2 but not HPV and gave me the impression that they didnt need to be so hasty with the LLETZ procedure.  I was very stressed out at the time and very worried, and now im thinking was there no need to be worried at all?!


Now im really confused about the whole relationship between HPV and CIN2.  If you have HPV will you always have HPV?


I would be very greatful if you could help me understand as the internet is so confusing to try an understand this subject!

Hi Jenny,

Well it seems that most people do have HPV, though not everybody does. There are different strains of the virus and some are regarded as a higher risk than others. Apparently the body's immune system can cure itself of HPV but not always. And not all abnormalities are caused by HPV.

I suppose it's a bit like the correlation between smoking and cancer. It is possible to smoke and not get cancer and it is also possible to get cancer without smoking.

I hope that helps.

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