CIN2 after CC 1B1

Hi ladies, Im sorry I dont post much.

So March last year I had LLETZ and then on 18/04/13 they told me it was CC 1b1, I was lucky enough to be able to have large LLETZ and lymph node removal.

 I had my 3 monthly check in January and biopsie results showed CIN1, I went back last week and he now beleives they are CIN2, had a further LLETZ and await results.

Im feeling really anxious and scared, I cant sleep, my skin has gone mental, since last year and stopping BCP I have aquired acne and Lichen Sclerosis, just feel like my body is going crazy.

Sorry for moaning on there, sending big hugs to all you brave ladies out there




I know the worst part is waiting but try to hang on in there and keep positive! I hope the results are okay.

Emma xx


First Smear, age 24 - abnormal 01/08//2013 Lletcz Procedure 11/2013 Diagnosed CC 02/2014 MRI 03/2014 Trachelectomy & Lymph Node removal 09/04/2014 ALL CLEAR!! 22/04/2014 – May need radiothr?