CIN2 - a positive story

Hi all.
I just wanted to post a positive experience as many of yours have helped me when I went into panic mode.
In November 2015 I attended my first ever smear (which I had put off for about 6 months). The test itself really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting though I did find it a little painful. I didn’t think anything else of it and just assumed the results would come back normal as I was only 24 (now 25).

Less than 2 weeks later I had the results letter that said “some abnormal cells have been found known as high grade(severe) dyskariosis. It is unlikely you have cancer …” and I immediately went into panic. I lost my mum to cancer about 5 years ago (not cervical) and have suffered with health anxiety so was just convinced I had cancer. I went and saw my GP the next day who did help to reassure me a little but I was still a wreck until I had my Colposcopy less than two weeks later. I also contacted the Jos helpline during my waiting period who was also lovely.

When I attended for my Colposcopy I was still a total wreck and cried the whole way through (the consultation and the procedure itself). Before the procedure the consultant explained the different levels of CIN and said that my smear suggested CIN3. During the procedure the consultant asked if I wanted to look at the screen (I didn’t) and said it looked more like CIN2 but wanted to take a couple of biopsies to make sure. The nurse and the consultant were brilliant and did everything to reassure me and help me feel better.

3 days ago I attended the hospital again. The consultant explained the results of the biopsies (CIN2) and said because of my age and the fact I haven’t had any children (LLETZ treatment can slightly increase the risk of premature birth) I could either take a sit and wait approach and be monitored in 6 months time or have treatment. After a long discussion and many questions I decided to go ahead with the LLETZ. I still feel this decision may be a bit selfish (I’m pretty certain I want kids in the future) but with my history of health anxiety I knew I would just be worrying the whole time if I didn’t have the cells removed. The treatment wasn’t too bad, I did find the injection a bit painful (I’m a bit of a wimp, can you tell?) and once again the nurses and consultant were amazing, explaining everything and helping to keep me calm.

So now I’m just waiting on the results though I feel confident that the consultant was able to remove the cells. Also feeling very grateful that the abnormality was found early on, if I had put off my smear even longer like I wanted to who knows what would have happened?

Thanks for sharing your story :) it's not that bad is it? I've had 2 loops and a punch biopsy but i found the punch worse!! I'm currently waiting on my 3rd smear test result and we've been trying for 2 years so i don't know what i'll do if the cells come back again! I wasn't given the option when i had cin2, but i went from 0-cin2 in a matter of weeks so i wouldn't have felt able to turn it down really.


I think you made the right choice. Thanks again xxx