Cin111 - please help

I just received a letter from my biopsy - they found severe pre-cancerous cells  - I had LLETZ treatment and biopsy done when i went in for my colposcopy.

Three weeks after treatments I ended up in the hospital with a lot of bleeding and clots and had to be cauterised 4 times since!

Emotions are going crazy at the moment!

Anyone have any ifo on this?

Hi Sparkyb,

It depends what info your looking for? If you have had the Lletz treatment then all you will really need now is a follow up smear 6 months after your treatment just to check that all the abnormal cells have been removed.

Some people do have a problem with a lot of bleeding after the procedure but its nothing to worry about. Its just that different people react differently to it. 

I have attatched a link for you its a girl call Maylis story of having the treatment for CIN 3 and her experince i think you will find it really helpful.

Have a look at this:

Hope this helps Xxx

Hi again!

they told me that my bleeding was from the original biopsy site, not the lletz. I suspect it had something to do with just having had my period.

what treatment are you having for the cin3, or have they got rid of it with the lletz?

Molly xxx

Hi Simone22

I was wondering what the likeliness the LLETZ didnt work?

I have to wait to have my next appointment in 6 months and lets be honest i am worried it hasnt worked !


Hi Molly

When I went in for the colposcopy he did the biopsy and LLETZ during the same appointment..obviously now have to wait 6 months until I can go again and im so worried!



Hi hon,

have you had the results from your lletz.

Molly xx

Hi Molly


I had the LLETZ and biposy and it came out I have CIN111 - severe pre-cancerous changes

I went to see a gyneacologist after I had the bleed and going in on Sat for blood tests and having scan done on wed next week.

I then have an appointment after the scan with the specialist again to see hwat he says...