CIN111 - please can someone help :-(

Hi everyone, I am new to this site and I would really appreciate some reassurance from somebody - anybody....

i attended my first smear a couple of months ago which indicated borderline changes HPV Positive therefore referred for colposcopy 8 weeks later. I attended colposcopy last week and the nurse indicated there was a very small area that showed with the solution and so 1 biopsy taken. I suffer from terrible anxiety since having my baby boy 6 months ago which I'm having treatment for, I had rang the clinic a couple of times this week as my anxiety levels were actually through the roof to be told on Wednesday and this morning that no results are back currently.

I went to the Doctors this afternoon for an appointment for my baby and whilst there told him I was very anxious about my results from the biopsy. He looked on his system for me to check himself and told me I would have to go back to the clinic for treatment as my results had been returned as CIN111 and I would need either letz or maybe the area cut away. I then said have i got cancer snd he replied not cancer but if left untreated this could possibly develop into cancer in a few years down the line. 


So I'm still waiting to hear from the hospital which I'm sure will be early next week but in the meantime can anyone please reassure me on this - I'm so scared that I'm going to leave my baby boy who I love so very much without a mummy and to be quite frank I am an absolute wreck at the moment from crying and shaking :-( 


thank you you for your time. X

Hi Natty

I'm really sorry for what you're experiencing, fear of the unknown is worse than anything, have you made an app with your GP to discuss this further, please try not to worry about leaving your baby boy, you're not going anywhere hun, i had LLETZ in 2008 for could maybe give the hospital a call or your doctor for some reasurrance


Mandy xx

Hi I had a LLETZ treatment a week on Thursday had it on the day of my colposcopy because she could clearly see I needed the area to be removed as the area was quite big. My smear said severe changes but ive not yet had the results from LLETZ/biopsy to confirm CIN3 or anything yet but try not to worry too much although CIN3 can turn into cancer its still very rare and if the area is only small a LLETZ should remove it all first time :slight_smile: and the treatment itself for me I had local anesthetic was not painful at all just a little uncomfortable for the injection a d the nurses really made me feel reassured I was actually having a giggle with them while they were doing it and it was over in no time :slight_smile: its the waiting thats the worst as your mind runs through every scenario xx

Thank you for your comments. Like I said I'm just so anxious at the moment and this has just tipped me over the edge. I still haven't eaten since yesterday morning and I have frog eyes :-( I wish I could be more positive. I only found out about the results of the biopsy by chance yesterday as I took my son for an appointment and whilst there explained to him I was really worried and was still awaiting the biopsy results. So he looked on screen for me to see if anything was back. All he said was that the biopsy had shown CIN3 and I would need done treatment and the hospital would be in touch with me regarding the treatment to remove the cells. He said it wasn't cancer but if left I treated could become cancer in years to come. I just wish they had done the treatment at the colposcopy instead of me waiting and feeling like this. I just don't understand how my smear result said borderline yet the biopsy confirmed CIN3, it doesn't make sense to me.

It depends on how much of the cervix has changes, I believe CIN3 means there are changes on 2/3 of the cervix, so if the area where the smear was taken was on the margins of where the changes are happening there isnt as many changed cells on the smear. This is why even borderline changes are referred to colposcopy so that the colposcopy nurse/doctor can confirm the smear is correct from what ive heard change in grade diagnosis after colposcopy isn't entirely unusual, hope this helps xx

Ah right, thank you, I was just convinced my biopsys were going to come back very low grade because of the borderline smear but now I see why....

haso anyone recently had CIN3 removed? X

The nurse said I had CIN3 when she did my LLETZ, the bit theu removed as during my LLETZ counts as my biopsy so just waiting for results to come back saying CIN3 is all it was, fingers crossed x

Fingers crossed for you, I'm sure that is all it was and you can move on from this crappy time.

So you had the treatment there and then at the first colposcopy...and your biopsy results come from the treatment but mine have come from the punch biopsy as I didn't have the treatment there and then? I just can't understand why the treatment wasn't done as surely she could see just how severe it was with the biopsy coming back as just so annoyed I've had to wait and had all this anxiety waiting for the biopsy results and now anxiety waiting for the treatment. Just doesn't seem right or fair, I had to wait 2 months from the smear to the colposcopy I'm assuming because the smear showed such a minor abnormality. What else does the treatment involve, will I need to wee in a pot, answer lots of medical type questions etc etc? Sorry to ask sooooo many questions, I've got a million and one things going through my mind xx

Yes I had treatment (LLETZ) at first colposcopy and what they removed will be used as biopsy. I can imagine how you feel it must be annoying as they could have done it then and saved you the waiting and worrying. Just a guess but it changes from CIN2 to CIN3 so maybe if you had just changed over rather than say had CIN3 for months then visually it might have still looked like CIN2 on the surface and CIN2 doesn’t always need treatment or do you have kids? They dont like to treat unless they have to if you don’t have kids. Thats why I know mine was bad I could tell from her face when she told me I needed treatment and plus I dont have any children. The nurse only asked about allergies and kids no awkward sexual questions or anything like that and didn’t have to do any samples :slight_smile: it will just be like when they do the biopsy it just takes a little longer about 20mins and make sure you rest for a day or two afterwards as it helps to heal quicker xx sorry for the essay haha helps to tell people about it actually not something your friends or partner really want to hear about

It's fine its nice to talk to someone going through the same. 

ive got a baby, he's 6 months old, I can only think she didn't realise the severity of it otherwise I'm sure she would have made the decision to do it there and then.

was it a consultant or a nurse that did your treatment? I hope I get the same lady she was lovely and helped me feel relaxed during the biopsy.

i still haven't had any phonecall from the hospital (I asked them to ring me before sending the letter out as I was so anxious) and still only know by chance because I asked my doctor for reassurance whilst I was there and he pulled the results up.


Hiya honey, can't really add much more than D but just wanted to say that I also only had punch biopsies done and am now waiting to have lletz treatment this week. I didn't have any treatment done to begin with as my consultant didn't want to over treat somebody of my age. I still don't know what the biopsies came back as the receptionist just let me know that no cancer was found, although the smear said CIN2 and the doc agreed. Please don't worry yourself too much it isn't cancer and is very very easily treated, I just find it sosad how young so many of us are :( xxxx