I have been having irregular bleeding now for around 2 years from the age of 19 and went to the doctors often regarding this but got told it was cervical erosion and it would go by itself. 

Two years down the line at 21 I still got the bleeding so I went back to the doctors as I wasn't happy so I had an examination by the doctor. She told me she wanted to refer me to the colopscopy clinic to take a closer look and I wasn't really sure what this meant or the situation just that I had abnormal cells potenitally

A week later and I get my appointment through for the hospital to attend the appointment (only giving me a days notice to tell work) but then it's also good that it came quick to get it sorted

At the coloposcopy  was told I was going for an examination so a microscope could take a closer look at the cervix. In the appoitnment they said to me straight away that it was HPV so I got very upset as I didn't know what this meant and I had the injection at school for it. I then had a punch biopsy to check the cells.

I was quite upset as this was all very new to me I haven't had a smear test yet which still angers me after the problems I had for 2 years. I received my letter for my biospy in the post explaining that I have CIN1 and I have an appointment for 6 months time. I just wanted to understand if anyone has gone through something similar and can help me to relax as I just think sometimes what if the doctor didn't refer me and I had to wait 4 more years till my smear test .  Thanks all xxx


Hi Molly, 

I'm so sorry to hear of all these years of worry. If I were you I would go back to your GP and ask for a referrel to a Gynaecologist, someone who can give you answers about why the irregular bleeding is happening. To my mind (I could be wrong) CIN1 is a minor abnormality, and there must be some reason for the irregular breathing, and they should be looking into it properly rather than simply saying 'come back in six months' 



thanks for your reply

I was thinking about visiting the GP again as I wasn't too happy with just getting a letter in the post so I think I will follow your advice as 6 months is a long time to wait based on the symptons I am having