CIN1 with slight changes to CIN2. Should I watch and wait?

This was my first abnormal smear and first coloscopy.
I didn't get the results of my coloscopy, I just got a further hospital appointment. It freaked me out thinking the worst. When I called the hospital I was told the appointment was just for a discussion to see if I want to have treatment or not. I asked for my results and they told me it was CIN1 with a slight change to CIN2.
I'm a bit confused about this result.
I've read on hear about ladies under 30 having CIN2 and waiting to see if there's regression in 6 months time but I'm 37.

My initial thought is to eat healthier and wait to have another coloscopy.
Is there anything further I can do to help it regress?
Due to my age should I be waiting or should I have treatment straight away?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone offers xx


Hi Floss, if you google curing cervical dysplasia naturally there are a few facebook groups, and useful blogs. I know someone who cured themselves within 3 months, and she had CIN 3. I had the LLETZ and was left with life long side effects so if you are just CIN2 then that gives you a good chance to clear the cells. 

I think it really takes effort to make the changes, to really give them a good chance to recover, but perhaps worth it if you can avoid treatment. 

This is a blog post about the woman I know who cured herself naturally

I had my second coloposcopy today. When they put the vinegar on my cervix some of the smaller white patches on the lower part of my cervix weren't visable at all any more. There was only one small patch left.

The larger white patch at the top of my cervix which was CIN2 at the last coloposcopy looked visibly smaller in size, but I'm not sure if it was any paler in colour than last time.

They took two biopsies and I get the results in 3 weeks. 

Has anyone else had any experience in seeing a visable reduction in the white patch size, or some patches no longer there, between coloposcopies please? 

Hey Floss,

I'm in a similar situation as you - I have had my 2nd colposcopy and have confirmed CIN I with small focal area of CIN II. It's an improvement from my first colposcopy which was CIN II. I'll continue to wait and watch.

I see that you've updated in your footer that your colposcopy showed regression to CIN I only! I'm happy for you - and hope to hear about your 1-year follow up.



Hi angiegirl,

that is good news on the regression. I was diagnosed with cin1 with focal cin2 two months ago and was suggested to take the watch and wait approach even thought I am 36. i thought they would treat it considering I was a lot older than Normal suggested ages that can fight it with their immune system


do you mind if i ask did you do anything to help fight the regression lifestyle wise?