Hi , this may sound long winded so I apologize in advance.
June 2014 I had a copper coil fitted , at which point my gp gave me a smear test. Thinking everything was fine I thought no-more of it. Until my results came back. HPV high risk with mild cell changes. This resulted in me being called for a coploscopy in January 2015. Still mild changes and a follow up colposcopy for 6 months later was booked. Due to reasons beyond my control I couldn’t attend my third colposcopy but had started having symptoms. Constant bleeding , painful sex , pain after sex. Any a fortnight ago I went for my colposcopy and biopsies were taken , showing CIN1 with severe dyskaryosis , I am now booked in for a cone biopsy next week. Are they thinking I have cancer ? I have two children so I need to be prepared , I know its treatable , its the silly things worrying me , like I just NEED to know. What about picking my girls up from school , what about treatments and my partner having time off work ?? Any stories out there ? Would love to know any , good or bad. Getting quite stressed now and don’t want to worry family with my worriesworries. Thanks

Hi Charlie,

im slightly confused as dyskaryosis are the abnormal surface cells found on a smear and CIN is the grading of the severity of the cells (area covered). So usually if you have a low grade dyskaryosis smear result you will have CIN 1 biopsy or a severe dyskaryosis result could give you a CIN 2 or 3 biopsy result?!!! i personally have never heard of CIN 1 with severe dyskaryosis biopsy result but hopefully the other ladies here may be able to shed some light for you. 


Hi Sam , thank you for your reply. That was my thoughts as well but on reading more apparently only one third of my cervix has the abnormalities. I have my cone biopsy booked for thursday which they booked with me via telephone instead of waiting for the letter to arrive. 

My cervix obviously being awkward. I know it's so hard but I can't help but googling. I just want to prepared , I've got two girls , my youngest wouldn't understand but my eldest is 10 and would. Its the waiting between everything that is driving me crazy. Its probably nothing , but then you hear horror stories about young women don't you and it plays tricks on your mind. 

Thank you so much for your reply hunni xx