CIN1- what happens after 1 year and its still there?

Hello I was diagnosed with CIN1 a year ago. I have another follow up this year. If CIN1 doesn’t go away on its own within 2-3 years then is the next step the LLETZ procedure? What is the normal protocol the year after CIN1? Do they just keep an eye on you and have you come in for paps every year and thats it?

Has anyone had CIN1 clear up on its own?

The NHS England protocol for treatment states that if HPV and CIN1 are still present after 2 years you will have a biopsy.

It goes on to state that in practice, many women will be offered treatment at this stage.

This sounds like the decision to offer treatment is down to individual doctors judgement and preferred practice. 

On reading around, CIN1 clears up on it's own more often than it progresses especially in younger women.


i was just about to write a similar post asking the same. I received a cin1 diagnosis a month ago and a follow up in a year. I felt relieved but now worrying about my next lot of results in a year (typical). I don't know about your appointments but the consultant seemed very relaxed about it all being cin1 and basically told me it'd go away on its own. Like you, I worry about the other outcomes.


I have also read on here some women were offered a follow up after 6 months with cin1. 


I had HPV for a year, then did the biopsy the second year.  Since my body didn't clear it on year 2 I wonder if it will on its own at all.  I have my follow up this month but I worry that if my body has not cleared the CIN1 by now that I will have to have treatment?  Or do they watch it for another year?  Not sure the protocol.  

I'm not from the UK but in Australia the protocol is pretty much the same, I also had low grade (CIN1) results with HPV and was reffered for a colposcopy several months later. After I did it the Dr told me to just come back in a years time for a follow up, he didn't seem worried as most of the time they do clear up. I think my follow up which is in a few days will include a biopsy this time just to be safe. Hate the innvasiveness but I guess its worth it if I don't want to find out I've got cancer when im older!

I have CIN1 since September 2018 that was discovered on my first biopsy. I had a follow up pap in 6 months which came back ASCUS and High Risk HPV again and decided to have another biopsy 3 months after that pap which would be 9 months in total after my first biopsy and it came back again CIN1. So I will go again in January for another PAP (as recommended by the obgyn) and see what happens. 

My daughter is due to have a colposcopy following her first cervical smear test at almost 25. She found the smear process really difficult. I am going with her for the colposcopy and want to know how best I can support her to help her stay calm and try to relax. Are there any suggestions from those of you who have had the procedure? 

Many thanks 

Hello when I had mine the staff were really kind & supportive; they do this every day and know how to put people at their ease - it might be worth phoning them in advance and asking the same question you have posted here - I am a Mum myself so know the feeling - ask your daughter also how she feels; they will have a chat with her first to take a history and then do the colposcopy She will probably want to feel in control of the situation - A trusted friend gave me a lift there & back & we had a cuppa & a chat afterwards - Plan a treat for you both afterwards: remind your daughter she is doing the right thing for her health Good luck! A

I had an abnormal smear with low grade changes in October 2018. November 2019 had a colposcopy with a biopsy which said HPV like changes. An hour ago I had a follow up colposcopy with smear taken. The doctor didn’t take a biopsy. I asked why she is not taking it and she said there was nothing to worry about. Said will wait for smear results to see if it comes back abnormal again. In which case she will see me for another smear test in a year’s time. Although during this year I was contacted with more HPV subtypes including HPV16, and now still worry that there might have been a mistake. Anxious and waiting game started, which will usually eat up from the inside. 

Just wanted to share the news here and see if it helps anyone. She did say this might be due to you not being a smoker. 

Hello, this may be a long shot sense this forum was made over a year ago, but coming across these messages is exactly what I needed to not feel so alone, confused and discouraged. I was diagnosed with CIN1 and HPV in April 2021. ( The doctor never fully told me what type HPV I have nor am I even sure if mild dysplasia and HPV are the same thing. HELP!! ) Before reading this forum my doctor said on a " scale to 1-10… I am at like a 1 and it will go away on it’s own… but how?? I am trying to educate myself without reading too much online and freaking myself out. When the doctors tell us “it will go away on it’s own” I don’t understand if it “sheds” or disappears naturally if you are taking the correct precautions, vitms, etc. I am 23 years old and my first couple paps came but normal, but my last one did not. My mom never got me the HPV vaccine when I was younger, but my doctor did advise me to go and get it to help prevent further problems. I was REALLY REALLY down and hard on myself at first, an awful funk, but the days and anxiety is getting better but the waiting game for another pap sucks, but hoping I go back with the results of it being fully gone. BUT IS IT EVER FULLY GONE OR IS IT JUST NOT SHOWING IN OUR SYSTEMS ANYMORE?? ARE YOU MORE PRONE TO GETTING IT AGAIN?? Please help a female out… sending nothing but blessings and good health all the way from TEXAS!!

does it only go away if you clear the hpv? is that the only way CIN can regress or can it even if you still have the hpv