Cin1, positive HR HPV

Hello, I've only recently became aware that my paps have been abnormal since 2008. Because I thought things were always ok, I procrastinated here and there with my yearly. In April my pap came back ASC-US with HR HPV. I then had a colposcopy/punch biopsy which showed CIN1. My gynecologist said to come back in 12 months, that sometimes things clear up on their own. The fact that in 2008 my pap came back abnormal-inflammatory changes, then 2011 was ASC-US (negative HPV) makes me think that things are progressing in the wrong direction. Like I said, my last gynecologist never informed me of the changes. I'm just wondering if this is the standard way to proceed, watch & wait, or should I see another gynecologist. Thank you in advance for any suggestions, advice, or personal experience stories.



Hi Sarah

Sounds like you might be in the US, so I'm not sure if they do things differently there, but here in the UK watch and wait seems to be the normal approach for CIN1. My consultant told me that if mine turned out to be CIN1 they would leave it for 6 months or a year to see if it sorted itself out (a high percentage do, apparently) but if it was CIN2 they would treat as these are much less likely to revert to normal on their own.

Hope that sets your mind at rest a bit

Hi there,

Yes in the UK if you have CIN1 and HR HPV they wait and watch for 6 months to 1 year.  I had a CIN1 and HR HPV positive result in March this year and now wont be seen until October time to see what has happened, I am hoping it has regresses itself. I have been told if you have CIN1 for 2 years or more they tend to offer treatment then as its long term.  I am in the UK though so it might be different to where you are based.

Wishing you well.