CIN1, husband unfaithful

I'm a 35 year old mother of 2 little girls. Married for 7 years. I had a couple of partners before marriage, my husband had  many more partners, before our marriage, and during our marriage...sadly. I was aware of his infidelities, I kept forgiving him because I loved him. 

2 months ago for the first time my pap smear came back Abnormal. HPV Negative. Colposcopy followed, 2 little biopsies were taken, came back CIN1. Cryotherapy (freezing gas) followed.

I recently found out that he is being unfaithful again.

I see things different now. I don't want to be intimate with my husband anymore. He has no consideration of what I'm going through. I'm afraid he will give me an STD that will make things "down there" worst for me. I read about "dormant HPV" on this forum, but my test came back Negative, maybe I dont have it yet...I dont want him exposing me to it...

I know many ladies on this forum have much bigger health issues than mine, but from reading so many stories here I'm aware that this might be just the beginning of the road for me...If my husband is being so selfish now, how can I expect support from him in the future?

I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with you ladies, because who would understand me better? Right?

Who knows why we stay in relationships when perhaps in hindsight we would have made a different choice.  However the decisions you made to stay when you found out about his previous infidelities were valid and relevant to you at that time.

I don't have much more to offer advice wise but I'm sure you will make the best choices for you going forward.


I feel for you.. Prior to me marrying my husband we had a 6 week break because he was having to go overseas for work and we werent far enough in our relationship for me to go with him... so I took a step back and let him have his spare time with his daughters. We were still in contact with each other and he told me how busy he was with work and the kids... Little did I know that he was screwing a woman 2 doors away.


Fast forward two years and we are now married - the first job away didnt evenuate when we had our 'break' but 2 weeks after our engagement his work offered him a different job in a different country which was much better for us. So we jumped at the chance... a month after we moved to new country I found out about the other woman that he was screwing and I was heartbroken (still am - because while we were on our break i was sat home crying missing him so much!)... My new Dr overseas was amazing did full STD check but kept pushing to do HPV as well - well pap smear abnormal and HPV HIGH RISK - i had biopsys and the day after i got the results i was in hospital getting LEEP and laser.


I'm so hurt and angry - im sore only 3 days post LEEP and uncomfortable and i'm so damned angry that he gave me HPV from that woman. I cant say he was unfaithful because we were on a break but he knew how I felt about him them... so I feel that he was somewhat unfaithful. I feel like I cant trust him and my specialist wants me to have the HPV Vaccine 6 months post LEEP because it has added protections even though i already have HPV.


I think you should consider vaccination and you need to talk to your husband about how you feel - how dare he put your health at risk!!!

Hi my name is Lisa. I was diagnosed with HPV cin 1. When I was first told I got HPV, I was upset. Still am. Omg because I'm a widow for 8 years. I'm now ready to meet someone but too afraid to say what I have. My Doctor said he hopes the person u meet is an educated man. Well I been educating myself and keep asking questions to assure myself that things will be okay. Before my husband passed away, he was unfaithful too. It really hurt alot. I'm 54 years old. Feel great about my age. You're still young. If it were me, I'd divorce him. His choices made an impact on your health. I wish you well. I do like someone that asked me to visit him. Kind of afraid he'll deny having sex. I don't blame him. But my Doctor said there's nothing that will hurt him. I hear and read HPV is very common. I wish I can talk about it without hesitation. A COLD to me is very common. The more I educate myself, I'll start being comfortable.