CIN1 cells worried

Hi everyone. Need a little guidance. I was diagnosed with a cervical ectropion in March and CIN1 cells. I had cold coagulation treatment in a May for which they told me was simply for the cervical erosion. It wasn't made clear if the cold coagulation would also eradicate the bad cells as well - I had conflicting info about that from different health advisors. Some say they do cover it some say it doesn't. I'm currently in a watch and wait situation until the end of January 2018. Anyhow the 6 weeks after the treatment was a bit yucky but recovered well. The last 2 months ive started to notice a brown discharge/spotting, worse during ovulation and this month my period came several days earlier and a day or 2 to that I had a lot of low back ache. I don't suffer from any period problems so that caught me by surprise. The period came and went but low and behold 12 days later after the first day of my period I'm bleeding again. It's a brown and bloody discharge. It's again ovulation time so it's a pattern Occurring I'd say. The spotting is not overly heavy but it's enough to wear a panty liner. It's quite dark brown as well. I'm so worried about leaving this until the end of Jan to see what happens. Has anyone had this experience? I've rung colposcopy and they say go to gp to refer back. The thing is what would they be likely to do? Would they do another colposcopy or tell me to leave it Until end of Jan 18. Something doesnt feel right. Im anxious the cells have gone worse and despite everyone saying that the cells are only low grade, how quick can they change? Any words of wisdom from you lovely lot would help.