CIN1 bleeding

Hi all

Ive followed this forum for the last six months now, during my own journey, and thought I'd post.

I was 23 (now 24), been on the contraceptive injection for a year which has stopped all periods. 6 months ago I started bleeding during intercourse which was not a small amount, bright red, but seemed to stop fairly quickly. Experienced no pain but it would happen regularly, almost every time.

GP done pregnancy test (negative) STD test (negative - had at least 4 of these now in last 6 months) then referred me to a gynecologist, he had a look, said he could see a raw patch and done a smear test as well as an internal ultrasound.

The smear came back abnormal highlighting HPV44. I had a colposcopy and biopsy done and have just received a letter to say Im CIN1 and smear and colposcopy to be done in a years time.

Because of the bleeding, I am going back in 4 weeks to discuss whether to be treated or not (which will likely be LLETZ) which is my decision to make.

Ive read that many women never had any symptoms when CIN1 or 2. My bleeding seems to have slowed down, but it still happens now, maybe a few times a month.

I am just wondering whether anyone has experienced this type of bleeding during intercourse when CIN1? Did it just  clear up by itself? And if so, how long did it take to stop happening? Or did you decide to get it treated? My gyno suggested it could clear up on its own, but it is still happening and 6 months seems like a long time to me, to be experiencing post coital bleeding? So I'm really unsure whether I should get it treated or not.