CIN1 and HPV18 DIagnosis - worse than last years results - worried !

Hi All

I had an abnormal smear test last year where my HPV result was 18  and was sent for a colposcopy, results thankfully came back negative.  I was called back this year as i now have CIN1 results and HPV 18 ... am really worried as the results are worse than lasts year's results.  I have tried talking to friends and family and they all say the same, stay positive, you will be fine.  But i cant seem to explain the anxiety i am feeling about another colposcopy and waiting for the results ...

I know from reading previous posts and of course Google that CIN1 and HPA does not mean cancer ... but the potential is there , i have also been having slight bleeding inbetween periods .. which google says is not a good sign .. I am so anxious and trying my best not to let my anxiety escalate !


sorry for rambling , my head is all over the place atm .. :-(

What does your doctor say about the bleeding between periods? It can be caused by other things, and if you're just CIN 1 then it has nothing to do with cancer. 

I know these diagnoses can be extremely worrying. I remember getting an abnormal result when I was 18 and feeling like such a freak that there was something desperately wrong with me. 

But most of our cells are abnormal from time to time, and can be caused by all kind of things, hormonal changes, yeast infection etc. 

The chances of you having cancer are so small. 

One thing that might be good is since your CIN is not too serious to get the LLETZ is to look into ways you can boost your immune system and clear your HPV naturally. THere are some great groups if you are on facebook 'HPV Empower and shine' and 'curing cervical dysplasia naturally UK' THere's another called 'cervical health' . Some women have got suppostiories from a naturopath, to clear the abnormalities. 

I would not worry too much though. These cells can clear all on their own without intervention.  

Thank you , this has helped ease my anxiety a little.

I'm really glad. It's so important we look after our emotional wellbeing as well. One of the problems with screening, is all the fear and anxiety it causes! Not good for the immune system! 

I had to have  a letz instead of the colcoscopy .. results in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed all is now all good. 

Hi Sandy,

I agree with Katkin on the immune system comments.  I have been taking AAHC, tumeric and Beta glucans as well as making tumeric and tea tree oil suppositories.  6 months ago I had been diagnosed with high grade glandular changes and I've just received a colposcopy result with negative changes and negative HPV even though I did not have clear margins on my LLETZ.  

Not everyone is up for taking all of the tablets that I've taken, I understand that.  But taking care of yourself generally by eating leafy greens, looking after your mental health and not smoking will help you to fight any infection including this one.

Good luck to you ♡