CIN1 and HPV

Have just had colposcopy and biopsies which confirmed CIN1 and HPV. In England what is the next step after this confirmed diagnosis?

Hi Sookie1.

I had this same result after my first smear last year. As far as I'm aware they will recommend 'watch and wait' where you will be invited back in 6-12 months for a repeat smear. This is because the immune system can generally fight the hpv virus naturally within 1-2 years and your cells may return to normal. If the Cin is persistent or worsens over time then you may be offered treatment to remove the area.

Everyone and every clinic is different though so your course of action may turn out to be different. Stay positive though - you're on the radar now so you'll be closely monitored xx

Hi, that is the same as me.  Smear showed moderate changes and high risk hpv, had a colposcopy and several biopsies, with results coming back as CIN1 and high risk HPV no further treatment but one yearly smear tests from now on.  As strange as it may see, that is good news.  It means we are on the radar so will be checked regularly to see if has cleared up naturally or stays the same/worsens and then you usually need 3 clear smears and then back to 3 yearly smears.