CIN1 and HPV

I was diagnosed a year ago with HPV and CIN1 of a high risk and have a lot of pain down there, every now and again spotting (blood) and a smelly discharge (sorry to say) and pains down my legs because of it. And it was not remove because it’s not advanced enough :confused:

Am I right to be worried? And my doctor said it’s also nothing to worry about…:,(

CIN1 and HPV high risk


If there's bleeding at all i'd say it's time to go back to your Dr. Don't even hesitate. Abnormal bleeding outside your period should always be taken seriously, especially if you're HPV high risk. Just for your own peace of mind. Make sure you highlight that the bleeding is outside your usual cycle etc. If the doctor dismisses this without thoroughly investigating it i'd go to another doctor for a second opinion. Best of luck!