CIN1 and HPV 16 - should I get colp immediately or can I wait?

Hi All,

I have always had normal smear results and for the first time ever my smear results have come back CIN1 with a diagnosis of HPV 16 which is a high-risk HPV. I have been recommended for a colp, but am not able to get one until I come back from a holiday due to having to wait to get a GP to refer me to a private hospital so that I can use my medical insurance.

Is this a bad smear result? Should I be worried? Should I be pushing to get in to see the consultant before I go on holiday? Do I need to be going in to get a colp ASAP or will I be okay for two weeks?

Is it possible that I will go in for colp and they’ll tell me that I have cervical cancer or does the fact that I only have CIN1 mean that it isn’t likely…

I know that’s a lot of questions. I’m a bit worried, so any info or experience with someone who had the same smear results would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Catherine,

i would say have your holiday first. They will most likely take a biopsy at the colposcopy which will cause bleeding for a few days so if it was me, I'd probably wait. Also, with CIN 1 they will probably take the watch & wait approach and offer no immediate treatment.

Hi Sam you had same result as me low grade and HPV. I'm so worried. Did u have any strange bleeding periods? I've got my colposcopy on Thursday.