Cin1 after loop treatment 12 years ago

Hi I would really like to hear from anyone in the same predicament as me. Very worried. I had cin 1 in 1998 and then had my daughter In 1999. In 2001 was referred to colcoscopy who without biopsy said I had cin3 And gave me loop there and then. I also had a hpv virus. The biopsy came back and showed that I had cin1 and I have been clear till routine smear last yeah which came back borderline with hpv. I have had punch biopsy which was cin1 with no cancer cells present. the doctor has said she was not worried by what she saw at colcosopy and put me back on yearly smears which I am going for on Friday but what worries me is I am with new partner who I think have given me a new hpv infection. No longer with my daughters dad. I'm now faced with a very different system if managing the cin whereas that last doctor treated as seen. im very worried that this cin will progress as I was told in 2001 they only recommended the treatment 3 times. Worried also about the cin progressing