CIN1 3 years post trachelectomy

hi ive just had the results from my 3 year check up and they

have come back with mild changes.  The consultants letter said

there was no sign of reaccurrence but I've had the wind

knocked out of my sails a bit.


anyone else had this?

Hi WhatNot :-)

Sorry nobody has got back to you about this. I was hoping that someone would jump in with a 'been there, done that' but apparently not, well, not just yet anyway. So I've just popped in here to give you a big hug because I know how horrible it feels to be left all alone when you're not feeling your very best. Wishing you all the very best.




Hi whatnot, Im not in the same position as you, but I'm someone who's HPV doesn't bugger off. I feel relieved that they know this and I'm in the system so its unlikely to develop further.. but at the same time just desperately want to forget and move on. Hugs xxx