Cin1 3 times in a row

 Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read my first ever blog

I have had 3 smears and all of them are mild dyskaryosis cin 1.

i understand it can go away on its own but I had this 10 years ago when it was cin 2 and had laser treatment, this time I have had my smear spdone again and still the same It has not gone, how long can you have it before it goes away?

I was then referred to colposcopy but no treatment was giving at that time my question is if I have had this  before 10 years ago cin2 and my last 3 test were could this get  get worse? How much longer could it take to get to cancer if its been over a year and not cleared up, thank your help  any help or answers will be much appreciated . X


it is most likely that it never will, its an horrible game we have to play, all the waiting all the worrying all the fretting, but as long as ure in the system, always go for your treatments smears, etc, never miss any, i do believe that alot of ladies believe in a life style change, diet and vitamins, packing in smoking etc, and lets face it certainly cant do us any harm to look after ourselves, im sorry your in this stupid cycle, and alls i can say is try not to worry, (i know its impossible) but at least your being looked after xxxx

Thank you for writing back to me, I'm new on here. I am healthy I don't drink I don't smoke just really stressed as I had it before and just think this time it's going to get worse as there not treating it.

thanks again  I just wish I didn't have to wait every 6months to find out the same thing.

do you no if its normal to have 3 abnormal results in a row and go back to normal or do you think it will get worse?


most cin is caused my hpv, now ive read that a flare up usually lasts for 2 years, but it can lie dormant and return many many years later, cin1 is a pain in the arse, because of the what ifs, but then so is cin2 and cin3, usually u will have a leep procedure should it progress to these two stages, but even then, the worry far outways the treatment, i will do what ever it takes to prevent this going further, so if it means colp after colp then so be it, ive been on this never ending cycle for 4years, and i think ive now learned to live with it, i treat it like my dental appointment, because if i didnt i think i would go crazy, good luck, keep your chin up x

Hi Ms M

CIN1 can take a couple of years to clear, but in some ladies it can be persistant. If it doesn't clear, they may remove it for you even at CIN1. I've got CIN1 currently after being treated for CIN2. I'm being monitored and I was told that if the CIN1 doesn't go away after a few years they will remove it. 

I totally understand your stress though, I can really relate to this. For me it's the fact I had LLETZ and then 6 months later the cells has already changed, even though the margins were clear and I'm HPV negative. I try not to think about it, but I can't help wondering what this is going to mean long term. It's defintiely the uncertainty that's the hardest thing. 

Hope you're doing ok, take care x


Thank you for replying again I really appreciate it as I feel i have no one else to talk to and everyone here is going through the same sort of thing.

i no it's just waiting game so that's what I have to do its just horrible feeling.

 I have been having some spotting in the middle of the night and again this morning I'm scared I didindt know you could spot with cin1

take care and thanks again for your


Hi every one. Went for a colposcopy yesterday and was in so much pain. My doc kept telling me to cough. That helped alot with the pain. Oh my word it was terrible. Now Friday I have to go for laser to my cervix to remove the cell. Have any of you went through that and is it painful please be honest. I have Cin 1. Have to go for a pap every 6 months until its normal. Im already freaking out for the laser thing Friday.

Hi twilight 12 thanks for replying to me.

im so sorry to here this has happened to you it's the worse thing hereing that its come back again I understand that as it came back with me to after treatment but its took many years to come back. It must be worse to here it back straight after treatment. My thoughts are with you and I hope all goes well for you and you get better soon.

can I ask did you bleed at cin1 or cin2 as in the middle of the night and this morning I have had spotting and I'm scared.

thanks again for writing to me as I really appreciate it I have no one else to talk to about this and I feel that this site is so worth while as we're all going through the same sort of problems and its nice to talk to people that understand.


Hi Lola I had colposcopy. And I find it best if you take a pill before to take the pain away or to help at least,

when I had laser many years ago I had ga I don't no if they still do that but if your worried you could always ask. There's no harm in asking its your body at the end of the



i dont really think that you get symptons from the cin, which is why its important that we all have our smears! maybe your recent colp has upset sumat. maybe the stress our body is a funny thing x just keep an eye on it and mention it if u can 


Hi Olive

In answer to your question about bleeding in the middle of the night and morning, I have had that occur alot lately too. I spot somedays too. I have cin1. I have had it for 3 years now. I was told that if there are no changes for the better on next years pap then they will do something. I also cramp alot which is new for me.

Hi ladies

Im doing my usual 'read up/check the facts' as I do before my next colcoscopy (tomorrow) and have found myself on this site. I'm 46 and for the last 23 years I have been in the system.  At the start I was in Oz backpacking and they found.5 CIN (they have a different system) by 6 months it was CIN 2 for which I had laser surger, unfortunately this was unsuccessful and I went to CIN 3 fairly quickly- it was at this point I came home.  By the time I had gone through the UK system to prove I had CIN 3 I had gone to advanced stage 3 CIN and it had gone glandular.  I had a cone biopsy and thankfully I was lucky and the treatment was successful.  In the last 23 years I had one period of being tested after 3 years but for the majority of it abnormal cells have been present (nothing higher than 2 and mostly 1) and I have had a colcoscopy annually.  Reading all the comments above...sadly the worrying doesn't go away and is aways at the back of my mind but I am grateful that I am in the 'system' and monitored.

I've never smoked but my specialist has seen an increased risk for abnormal cells amongst smokers, so if you can ladies try and avoid it.  Stress is another factor...I'm working on that one!!

One lady mentioned bleeding...I'm not an expert but I don't believe there are any symptoms for CIN.  

Wishing you all 'normal' smears for the future and my fingers are crossed for tomorrow (again)!


Well I had post coital bleeding & abnormal discharge with CIN 3 and chatted to a few ladies who had the same... Since my treatment ive not had it... I asked nurse and indeed some people do have 'symptoms' with CIN... X