CIN1-2-3 Colposcopy and biopsy…I am confused!

Hello everyone,

In March 2021 I had a smear that came back with low-grade dyscaryosis results…last Friday I had a colposcopy and the doctor said that she saw “grade 1 and grade 2” abnormal cells and that she was going to do a biopsy “to see if there are grade 3 cells”…does it make sense to you?? Is it possible cells change so quickly, and why would she look for CIN3 already??
I am super stressed out and can’t think of other things aside from that she probably saw some cancer cells already and wants to check… :pensive:

I also wonder, last year I had extreme back pain and fever, but I thought it was a urinary infection…could it be related to HPV?

Also, is it normal to have a weird discharge with white small lumps? I am scared I am having an infection… thanks :(.

She didn’t see cancer cells. Only the lab tests could see those. What she’s seen is a range of abnormal cells and she is checking to see if there are more and how severe they are, so that she can determine the best treatment for you. I totally get why your mind goes there, but try not to dwell on those intrusive thoughts. With lower grade of CIN sometimes they don’t need to immediately treat, but if they find higher grade then they probably will to make sure that those cells can’t become cancerous in the future.

For context, I had high grade severe dyskariosis. I had a colposcopy and LLETZ (removal of the cells under local anaesthetic). The tests confirmed CIN3 and also precancerous cells in the gland cells of my cervix. Now I will need a further procedure to remove those gland cells. And yet, they still haven’t found any cancer. So while it sounds horrible, it is still preventative treatment, not cancer treatment.

Your lower back pain and fever could be a number of things. If it has cleared up now then don’t worry about it. HPV often has no noticeable symptoms.

If you’re concerned about your discharge, see your GP. As I’m sure you know, discharge can change over your cycle and sometimes you don’t really notice until you start scrutinising it!

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Thank you very much for your reply!
I am sorry to hear they found high grade cells… I hope you get better soon!

I suppose that the only choice is to wait: the colposcopist I had was not very good at explaining what was happening, she didn’t mention the words biopsy or LLETZ nor the potential discharge I could have after the colposcopy…so imagine how scared I got when I woke up the following morning with blood :disappointed_relieved: now the discharge has slightly stopped, so hopefully it’s healing!