i have had 3 colposcopies now with mild changes but last ee was from different hospital and read differently- did but mention HPV and instead said CIN early stages of cervical disease- a lot scarier! I have repeat app in Dec and I'm so scared that this has something to do with my problems conceiving- been trying a year now and nothing. Any as ice appreciated x

Hi Sandywie

I've just popped in here to say hi. I don't have experience with either HPV nor CIN, though I do have experience of cervical cancer and various treatments. It is scary when it's all very new to you, especially when nobody responds to your posts - I know that one too! If your repeat appointment isn't until December then that means that the medical professionals don't believe that you are in a high risk of anything too dreadful. I'm sure some of the other women here with experience of either HPV or CIN will be along later to share their knowledge with you. One thing I have learned here is that it is not a fast-paced forum and threads get responses gradually.

Go well


Hello my dear,

it sounds to me like early stage and mild changes might actually be two ways of saying the same thing. Mild changes ARE the first signs of cervical disease, and if I have read everything I have googled (!!!) correctly, they changes are almost always brought about by HPV infection, although I am still trying to take that one on board!

i know that personally I think I have ended up with this diagnosis because I have been under significant stress for a number of years, which will have left me vulnerable to the HPV raising it's ugly head. From that perspective, is it possible that your cervical changes and your conception issues are linked through stress? Trying to conceive can be very stressful, as can going for colposcopies etc! 

I am struggling to lower my stress levels (wonder why!?) but I am going to keep working on it! Also looking for other ways to boost my immune system. I find that being proactive is in itself a good stress reliever. Sometimes!

best wishes, take good care of yourself and try not to worry about those changes, they are keeping an eye on you And nothing will develop too quickly.

Molly xxxx